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Spring Hill, TN – Sprinkler system activated for fire at apartment complex

The Spring Hill Fire Department responded swiftly and effectively to a morning fire at a third-floor apartment at Worthington Glen Apartments, where they rescued a dog and two cats. Thanks to the rapid response and the assistance of the sprinkler system, the fire was contained, preventing any casualties.

The fire was dispatched at 11:21am Monday morning, fortunately, broke out while no residents were present in the apartment. However, the presence of beloved pets left behind prompted firefighters to take immediate action to ensure their safety. Firefighters managed to locate and safely evacuate the pets, much to the relief of the owners.

The sprinkler system played a crucial role in containing the fire, minimizing its spread to neighboring units. While the third-floor apartment sustained fire damage, the lower apartments experienced water damage as a result of the sprinkler system’s activation. Damage to the building is estimated to be around $150,000. The Fire Marshal determined one of the cats possibly turned the stove on and started the fire.

Worthington Glen is taking proactive measures to assist affected residents. Management is relocating residents to other available apartments within the complex to ensure their comfort and safety while repairs are underway.

Murfreesboro, TN – Sprinkler system activated for fire in hotel mechanical room

Around 7:32AM Sunday (9/24/2023) morning, Murfreesboro Fire-Rescue was called to Clarion Inn and Suites at 2270 Old Fort Parkway about a fire in the hotel’s mechanical room. There was smoke in the lobby’s atrium when the first responders entered the building. 

According to officials with Murfreesboro Fire-Rescue, the sprinkler system worked perfectly, and it came on and put-out the fire.

Firefighters used fans to clear smoke from the building.

A few guests in the immediate area were briefly evacuated until it was safe to return to their rooms.
A firefighter was injured at the scene when stepping into a hole and injuring her ankle. As a precaution, she was taken to the hospital, treated and released. Since there was a minor injury to a firefighter, the Fire Marshal’s office is investigating.
WGNS thanks fire crews with District 11, District 9, District 4, District 1, Battalion Chiefs 1 & 2, and Safety officers 1 & 2 who assisted with the fire. Also, thanks to Murfreesboro Police as well as Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services for making certain all was fine at the Clarion Inn and Suites.

Nashville, TN – Sprinkler system extinguishes kitchen fire on apartment building 27th floor; No injuries reported

The Nashville Fire Department (NFD) said 350 units were displaced after a fire broke out at a downtown apartment complex on Sunday morning.

NFD said a kitchen fire started on the 27th floor of the 505 apartment complex. The sprinkler in the unit put the fire out, however, the water caused the unit to flood and created another electrical fire.

“A resident had placed a wicker basket on a stove that had burned, and their sprinkling system did activate so that fire was technically out upon arrival of our crews, but that water had begun to flow throughout that unit and the floor, because of the sprinkler activation,” Kendra Loney with NFD said.

Firefighters said the water poured into an electrical room and sparked another fire on the 24th floor.

“There were multiple fires that started throughout the building, and they had to be put out, the sprinkler system did what it was set to do, but water and electricity just don’t work,” Loney said.

NFD said 528 units were evacuated. the unit the fire started in is significantly damaged and several units have water damage.

“Honestly we thought it was like one of those drills,” said Eya Dufresne, a 505 resident. “I woke up to the fire department knocking on our door and saying you have to be evacuated. We had like what felt like minutes to be out.”

Dufresne and her boyfriend Chris Clark had to rush out of their 26th-floor apartment at 505 Church Street.

“We had 52 flights of stairs to go down and we had to bring our 40-pound dog down,” Clark said.

Even though Clark and Dufresne brought their dog down, they had one other worry.

“I’m a little nervous, we brought our dog down, but we left our cat,” Dufresne said.

While firefighters worked to make sure that some of the units were safe to re-enter, Dufresne prayed for her cat, Pluto.

“Things could come and go, but as long as Pluto is okay, we’ll be fine,” Dufresne said.

NFD said no one in the building was hurt. People living on floors 30 through 45 were able to go back inside, but those living on floors 3 through 29 were not let back inside and NFD said it could be a couple of days before they can return.

NFD added that floors 3 through 29 will remain without power and that the building remains on a fire watch.

Chattanooga, TN – Sprinkler system extinguishes arson fire at Chattanooga Masonic Center

The Chattanooga Fire and Chattanooga Police are investigating an incident at the Chattanooga Masonic Center involving arson and vandalism early Monday morning.

Firefighters responded to the Masonic Lodge at 551 W. 21st Street on a fire alarm activation at 2:11 a.m.

When CFD personnel arrived on scene, they found a fire on the left front exterior of the building which was quickly extinguished. The front doors were also open and as crews made entry, they found another small fire inside the structure which had activated the sprinkler system. The sprinklers effectively extinguished the interior fire.

Along with fire and water damage, there was also damage to the building from vandalism.

There is an active and ongoing investigation into what happened at this location.

Maryville, TN – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire at restaurant

Mike Caylor, deputy chief of Maryville Fire Department, said that a call regarding the fire came in at 1:33 p.m. Monday. Firefighters arrived 3 minutes later, to find that the fire was out. The sprinkler system extinguished it, he said.

“The updated sprinkler system did its job and assisted in keeping damages to a very small minimum. No damage to the main level at all. We just have to clean up some water in other areas and double check for any other old neglected electrical components to ensure this never happens again,” a post published to Two Doors Down’s Facebook page states.

Five engines and two support vehicles responded to the fire, along with 12 personnel from MFD and three from Alcoa Fire Department.

Firefighters remained at the scene to assist with water removal and smoke mitigation.

Chattanooga, TN – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire at apartment complex; No injuries reported

Chattanooga firefighters responded to a reported apartment fire at the Mary Walker Towers at 2505 Market Street at 3:35PM on Saturday.

No injuries were reported.

The fire was located in the kitchen of the affected apartment and was extinguished by the sprinkler system.

Several apartment units received water damage.

The Chattanooga Housing Authority is assisting the residents affected.

Franklin, TN – Sprinkler system activated for fire at restaurant

Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King ruled the fire that significantly damaged the Red Pony restaurant in downtown Franklin Saturday morning was accidental.  

The cause is still unknown, and the investigation is ongoing. 

King said Franklin Fire Department investigators are working with private investigators hired by the property insurer. Due to structural instability, they haven’t yet been able to access all areas of the building to complete their investigation. He said they hope to have more answers later this week. 

The fire started on the lower level in the rear of the historic two-story building, located at 408 Main Street. King estimated damage at $300,000.  

“While this was a big loss to our community, the damage could have been much worse,” he said. “A combination of early detection and notification, a quick response and solid tactical decisions by firefighters, and the automatic fire sprinklers led to a positive outcome.”  

King said more fire sprinkler heads activated than investigators originally thought.  

“At least four or five fire sprinkler heads activated on the first and second floors of the building, which helped to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings,” he said.

To learn more about how to equip your building with fire sprinklers and take advantage of the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act, contact King at andyk@franklintn.gov or 615-550- 6752.

Knoxville, TN – Fire in hotel room extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

A Crowne Plaza hotel located on West Summit Hill Drive was evacuated early Monday after a small fire on the seventh floor that the sprinkler system extinguished, according to the Knoxville Fire Department.

KFD crews were dispatched to the hotel at 6:09 a.m. Monday for an activated fire alarm with sprinkler activation and Knox County E-911 dispatchers also received a call about the fire reporting smoke and flames on the seventh floor of the hotel. On arrival, KFD firefighters made their way to the seventh floor and discovered that the sprinkler system had put out the fire in one of the rooms, which was unoccupied.

KFD said all hotel occupants of the whole building were evacuated as a precaution. The Initial investigation revealed that the fire was quickly put out by the sprinkler system and did not appear to spread any further than the room of origin.

The hotel room has sustained heavy smoke damage, KFD said, and hallways and other common areas of the hotel sustained water damage. The building has been turned over to building maintenance. No injuries were reported.

This fire is currently under investigation by KFD officials.

Fayette County, TN – Sprinkler system activated for fire at juvenile development center

Three sources in Fayette County told WREG that Somerville Volunteer firefighters were called to Wilder after a number of juveniles started a fire at Wilder Youth Development Center.

The incident happened New Year’s weekend between Saturday night and Sunday morning. WREG was told the fire turned on the building’s sprinkler system, which quickly knocked down the fire.

Velicia Brown lives near Wilder Youth Development, and she says she is concerned every time she hears about problems at the center.

“All I can say is these kids are really out of control,” she said. “This generation is really out of control.”

Wilder, which houses violent juvenile offenders, has been in the news after several reports of escapes, attempted escaped, and riots at the facility north of Somerville.

Sources say they are unaware of any injuries from the incident and did not know how much fire damage was done to the facility’s school. However, signs were displayed to alert the public of job openings at Wilder.

Brown says this is a sign that things could be improving.

“We actually need people that’s actually going to put their foot down and actually help them and motivate these kids to do better, and that way they won’t be there anymore,” she said.

We reached out to DCS but were told State offices were closed for a holiday. A spokesperson with the Tennessee Highway Patrol would only acknowledge that they received a call for assistance from Wilder.

Nashville, TN – Sprinkler system activated for fire at apartment complex; No injuries reported

More than 100 people were evacuated from their homes after a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex in the Belmont area Monday night.

The fire began around 9:30 p.m. at the Belcourt Park Apartments on Belcourt Avenue.

No injuries were reported but the building has heavy water damage and smoke damage to the first and second floors while the remaining floors were not impacted, according to the Nashville Fire Department.

Fire officials reported crews arrived to find light smoke coming from the first floor of the five-story building and determined the fire was between the first and second floors, originating in the building’s community space.

Firefighters guided the residents outside though many were self-evacuating due to the fire alarm going off.

The Nashville Electric Service cut power to the building and all 76 units were evacuated for the night.

The American Red Cross was contacted to help the displaced residents. Those with pets were escorted back into the building to retrieve them before they were relocated.

“There were no real hazards other than locating the source of the fire when they arrived on scene. Between the first and second floor literally means that the fire was located in the ceiling of the floor so they had to search around for it a bit to locate the source of the fire. But as soon as they did that they were able to quickly extinguish it, but the sprinkler system did activate before we arrived on the scene. So that is going to attribute to a lot of the water damage that is going to be seen in this building,” explained Nashville Fire Department spokesperson Kendra Loney.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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