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Erie, PA – Sprinkler system contains fire in building; No injuries reported

A fire broke out in the 200 block of West 9th Street overnight Monday.

Calls went out just after 2:40 a.m. on Monday for reported heavy smoke. Upon arrival, crews found a small fire which had been contained by the sprinkler system in the building.

Fire crews used fans to clear the building of the heavy smoke. Minimal damage was reported, and no one was injured.

Allentown, PA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at courthouse

The Lehigh County Courthouse in Allentown is shuttered on Wednesday due to, what officials called, “a minor fire.”

In an update to the county court’s website, officials said the courthouse– at 455 West Hamilton Street — would be closed for the day on Dec. 20, and all matters scheduled for the day would be rescheduled.

On Wednesday morning, Allentown Fire Department Captain John Christopher told NBC10 that a minor electrical fire in the supply room in the basement parking garage had caused the need for a closure.

The fire, he said, was knocked down by the building’s sprinkler system and electricity was shut off.

After services were shut down, he said, a decision was made to close the courthouse for the day in order to perform repairs.

The Historic Lehigh County Courthouse and Magisterial District Judge’s office will remain open, officials said.

Allison Park, PA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at high school

A fire broke out in a Hampton High School classroom early Friday morning.

According to a district spokesman, a small fire broke out in one of the science rooms, activating the fire alarm and sprinkler system.

First responders were called to the building, located at 2929 McCully Road, just before 5 a.m.

Channel 11′s Lonni Rivera is at the scene. She noticed fans outside the school, and it appears as though the building is being ventilated.

The sprinkler system was only activated in the area where the fire occurred and there was no extensive damage to any other classrooms, according to the district.

Students had the day off due to a scheduled professional development day for teachers and staff. That is being relocated to Hampton Middle School.

The district plans to clean up and prepare for students to return on Monday.

Hershey, PA – Sprinkler system activated for electrical fire at Hershey factory; No injuries reported

The Hershey Company now confirms that a small electrical fire broke out in the Reese Factory Plant production area Sunday afternoon.

Staff reports that the fire activated the sprinkler system and Hershey Fire Department, who quickly came to extinguish the flames.

Press with the company state that all employees were evacuated and no injuries were reported.

The operations team is currently working to clean-up the scene, as production “will likely resume through the week.”

Erie, PA – Sprinkler system contains dryer fire at Great Lakes Institute of Technology

It was reported around 12:30 a.m. Thursday at 5100 Peach St.

Firefighters found heavy smoke throughout the building, which was unoccupied at the time, officials said.

A fire sprinkler system contained the fire within the room, but the building suffered extensive smoke and water damage, according tot he department.

Chambersburg, PA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at rehabilitation and wellness center; No injuries reported

Many residents of the Laurel Lakes Rehabilitation and Wellness Center have fire crews to thank for a swift response to a blaze that caused heavy smoke in the building.

According to Franklin Fire Company, the incident happened in the building at around 12:13 a.m. on Saturday.

Due to the fast response and readiness of the team, officials say the fire was contained to a commercial dryer in a utility room, which was the root of the flames.

A firefighter with the station even captured the ordeal from his perspective on camera:

Luckily, authorities say they were able to quickly “isolate gas and electric at the dryer and shut down the sprinkler system to the affected area.”

Crews say they worked with nursing staff to make sure all residents were able to safely remain inside the building during the situation.

No one was injured in the fire.

Lower Merion, PA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at multi-occupancy building; No injuries reported

Fire crews in Lower Merion quickly put down a porch fire early Thursday morning at a home on the 100 block of West Montgomery Avenue in Ardmore.

The Merion Fire Company of Ardmore was called to the property at 3:30 a.m. on the report of a porch on fire at a multi-occupancy building. The sprinkler system activated and held the fire in place, so firefighters could extinguish and overhaul the fire.

All Lower Merion fire companies responded as part of the working fire procedure and staged to be ready if needed. The fire was declared under control in 15 minutes by the incident commander. There were no injuries reported.

Lower Merion, PA – Sprinkler system activated for restaurant fire; No injuries reported

 A fire broke out in downtown Ardmore Friday night, causing a brief interruption in the evening restaurant scene.

According to officials, firefighters from the Merion Fire Company of Ardmore were called to 11 Cricket Avenue Friday night at 7:24 on the report of a fire alarm.

Arriving crews found heavy smoke in the basement of the two-story building.

The incident commander declared a working fire, and all other Lower Merion fire companies responded.

A burning electrical panel was quickly controlled by both the internal sprinkler system and by firefighters.

The fire was declared under control in 50 minutes, and there were no injuries reported.

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at sushi restaurant

Sakura Japanese restaurant in Silver Spring Township is temporarily closed following a small fire.

A sign posted on the restaurant’s front door at 6499 Carlisle Pike notifies diners of the closure. The owners could not be reached for comment.

Silver Spring Community Fire Company Chief Benjamin McDonald said the fire broke out early in the morning of Nov. 5. Crews didn’t have to rush to the scene, though, because the sprinkler system had extinguished the fire, he said.

The problem was that the alarm system was not set up to notify the 911 center, and the sprinklers kept going over night, causing a lot of water damage to the business. An employee noticed it when they came in the next morning.

McDonald said the fire was likely caused by a hot pan being placed on a shelf.

While there is a lot of water damage, it is repairable, he said. He estimated it’s $50,000 worth of damage, but said that was just a rough figure.

The chief said sprinkler systems definitely work and prevented this fire from spreading through the restaurant and into neighboring businesses in the plaza. But there is a lesson to be learned.

“Make sure your alarm system calls the proper authorities,” he said. “In this case, it sounded like it tried to call the contact numbers for business, but never called the 911 center to alert the fire department of issue.”

Sakura opened in 2011 and specializes in sushi, hibachi and teriyaki.

Easton, PA – Fire at mall extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

A “suspicious” fire on Sunday afternoon in a lavatory behind a store near an entrance to the Palmer Park Mall was quickly put out by sprinklers but left water damage in three stores, a Palmer Township fire official reports.

The Palmer Township Municipal Fire Department responded at 4:50 p.m. to an alarm at the mall but as firefighters were on their way, people inside the mall called 911 to report an explosion and smoke inside the main entrance, Deputy Chief Jim Alercia said in a news release.

The mall was being evacuated as firefighters arrived. Shoppers and workers indicated the fire was in the IFIX and More store, which sells cell phone accessories and does minor repairs, Alercia said. The fire was contained to a lavatory in a rear stock room, Alercia said. It was put out by the mall’s sprinkler system, he added.

There was “moderate” water damage to the Claire’s and Verizon Wireless stores as well as fire damage to the lavatory and water damage to the stock room and sales floor at IFIX and More, Alercia said.

Fire personnel remained on scene to help mall staff ventilate the smoke from the stores and get the alarm system active again so the mall could open for its regular 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. hours on Monday, Alercia said.

Township fire investigators are probing what they have labeled a “suspicious fire”, Alercia said. Investigators were removing evidence in search of the cause and manner of the fire, Alercia said.

A drop ceiling, which was soaked by the sprinkler system, collapsed, making the sound that people thought was an explosion, Alercia said.

No one was hurt and Bethlehem Township firefighters and Suburban EMS assisted at the scene, Alercia said.