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Boise, ID – Sprinkler system extinguished apartment fire caused by cigarette

A man went to the hospital with minor injuries and 12 people were displaced after an apartment fire Monday afternoon, the Boise Fire Department said.

The fire began in a plastic trash can, after someone threw away a cigarette, and spread to a recliner, the department said in a Facebook post. It occurred at Capitol Plaza, a public housing building for seniors at 700 W. Cunningham Place in the North End.

Firefighters responded at 2:45 p.m. after a woman in an apartment near the unit where the fire began smelled smoke and called 911, according to the department. When crews arrived, they found the recliner on fire and a man on the floor in a fifth floor apartment. An ambulance took the man to the hospital with minor injuries, the department said, but a sprinkler extinguished the fire and stopped its spread.

“Working fire sprinklers saved at least one life and prevented significant structural damage,” the Facebook post said.

Boise Fire spokesperson Lynsey Amundson told the Idaho Statesman in an email that residents were displaced by water damage to the fourth and third floor apartments.

Boise, ID – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire in multi-family home; No injuries reported

Crisis averted when a multi-family home was ultimately saved by its sprinkler system after catching fire on Wednesday.

Caldwell Fire Department said in a release that on the morning of Feb. 8, Canyon County Dispatch received several reports of a fire alarm having been activated inside of a home. 

Caldwell Fire crews were dispatched to the two-story multi-family fourplex. Upon arrival, no smoke nor flames could be detected, however, the audible water flow alarm was activated.

No one was home at the time of the incident.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that a fire had indeed broken out in one of the bedrooms. Crews concluded that the fire suppression system had activated, effectively extinguishing the fire that erupted in the back bedroom of one of the first-floor apartments. 

The statement iterated that if not for the sprinkler system, damages could have been exponential. They said the fire would have grown much larger, moving into the adjacent units and buildings, potentially displacing several families.

Let this serve as a reminder to keep fire and smoke alarms updated; and next time you reach for those batteries to replace your dying remote control…don’t.

“This is a good reminder that fire suppression systems work,” said Deputy Chief Alan Perry, Fire Marshal, Caldwell Fire Department. 

“The need for fire suppression systems in residential settings is paramount as high-density living situations become more and more common.”

Idaho Falls, ID – Sprinkler system activated for fire at hotel; No injuries reported

The Idaho Falls Fire Department is on scene of a fire at the Hilton Garden Inn at 700 Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls.

The department says the call came in at 4:47 p.m. stating there was a fire on the 4th floor. Officials say the fire is out now.

The sprinkler system activate and hotel guests were evacuated.

The fire was contained to one room. Firefighters are clearing the smoke out and checking rooms to make sure there was no extension of the fire.

There have been no injuries reported.

Boise, ID – Sprinkler system contains fire at business

A sprinkler system prevented a small fire from growing into a large fire Wednesday at a business on Fairview Ave. and Cole Rd.

The fire started in a storage room at the business, according to Boise Fire Department. Crews were able to quickly put out the fire and vet the large amount of smoke due to the sprinklers.

“Fire sprinklers have proven their effectiveness over and over again,” said Support Services Assistant Chief Romeo Gervais. “The system operated quickly and only in the area of the fire, allowing businesses in the building to remain open or re-open much more quickly then after a devastating fire.”

Boise, ID – Sprinkler system puts out apartment fire after firework is lit inside apartment

One person was injured and a Boise apartment was damaged by people playing with fireworks early Friday morning, according to investigators.

Just after 1:30 a.m., officers responded to an apartment fire on the 1000 block to West Royal Boulevard to assist the Boise Fire Department with their investigation.  

When they arrived, a fire in a second floor apartment had already filled the building with smoke and forced residents to evacuate for about an hour.

According to a preliminary investigation, three men were playing a game when they lit a firework inside the apartment. That activated the sprinkler system which put out the fire before it could spread. However, the apartment did sustain fire and water damage.

Police say the men could face first-degree arson charges. The case has been forwarded to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Boise Police and Boise Fire would like to remind the public of the dangers and criminal charges that can result from playing with or misusing fireworks.

Twin Falls, ID – Second floor apartment kitchen fire put out by fire sprinkler system; No injuries reported

Two families are displaced Thursday night after a fire breaks out in a Twin Falls apartment complex.

The Twin Falls Fire Department was dispatched to the Timberlake Apartments around 9:45 PM, because of a kitchen fire that broke out in a second floor apartment.

The battalion chief on scene said the sprinkler system was able to put the fire out, but water damage from the system caused significant structural damage to the upstairs and downstairs apartments.

“We have contacted American Red Cross; they will come out and assist them with housing arrangements and any items they may need to get by until the apartments are ready for them to occupy again,” said Ron Aguirre, Twin Falls Fire battalion chief.

He also said no one was hurt in the fire, and Magic Valley Paramedics and the Twin Falls Police Department assisted them in the incident.

Boise, ID – Apartment complex saved from kitchen fire thanks to fire sprinklers

A Caldwell apartment complex was saved Saturday from a kitchen fire by a sprinkler sytem.

Caldwell Fire crews found an empty apartment filled with smoke this weekend. Luckily the fire had started the sprinkler system, which confined the damage to the kitchen.

“Without the sprinkler intervention, there would undoubtedly be significant damage to the property and lives at risk,” according to a spokesperson.

Fire investigators said the system stopped the fire from engulfing the kitchen within two minutes and expanding quickly to the apartments next to and above it.

“If there were not sprinkler system in this building, this would be a different situation. We could be out a building and 6 families could be out of their homes.” – Complex Maintenance Management

Rexburg, ID – Fire sprinkler controls fire after remote control battery catches on fire; No injuries reported

On Friday around 11 p.m., a fire broke out in the NorthPoint Men’s building.

Witnesses said a remote control car battery ignited in an apartment, prompting residents to call 911. The Madison Fire Department and Rexburg Police Department rushed to the scene.

“My roommate bought a charger for an RC car, and I guess that one of them blew up,” said James Raney, a junior studying communication. “I guess there was a flame in his room. I opened the door and I just saw smoke everywhere.”

Witnesses said flames reached the ceiling.

“The battery caught on fire,” said Logan Wright, a freshman studying mechanical engineering. “We were outside and the water (from the fire sprinkler system) would not stop. I was sitting on the couch and I could hear the thing burning, it sounded like the space shuttle. The flame was up to the ceiling.”

Wright called the 911 to report the fire before evacuating.

“We were dispatched here for smoke in a room,” said Ben Williams, a firefighter for the Madison Fire Department.

Firefighters said they extinguished the fire before it spread. The building was evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Crowds gathered outside questioning why the alarms had gone off. Some guessed it was the result of burnt food, as has happened earlier in the semester.

“This is the third time that this has happened this semester,” claims Jared Davey, a sophomore studying psychology. “The last few time it was because someone actually burned their food and…(had to) air out their apartment.”

Meridian, ID – Sprinkler systems assists firefighters in extinguishing kitchen fire at entertainment venue

A kitchen grease fire caused some damage at Big Al’s Meridian Wednesday, but the restaurant and entertainment venue was able to open Thursday. Meridian Fire responded at about 11:30 p.m. Fire Chief Mark Niemeyer said the fire was extinguished within five minutes. There was minimal smoke damage from the fire and a sprinkler activated, he said. Kelly O’Callaghan, Big Al’s general manager, said staff think a piece of equipment might have malfunctioned causing the fire, but they’re not sure. An employee noticed the fire after kitchen staff had cleaned up and gone home. O’Callaghan said Big Al’s is open and serving food from its snack bar. He said they plan to have the main kitchen back up and running by Saturday.

Boise, ID – Sprinkler system helps limit damage in overnight restaurant fire

Boise restaurant, bar suffered minimal damage in Saturday morning fire — A pair of Main Street Boise businesses were damaged by an accidental early morning fire Saturday, according to the Boise Fire Department.  The Brickyard Steakhouse, 601 Main St., and The Amsterdam next door suffered fire, smoke and water damage, according to a Boise Fire press release. Crews responded at 5:45 a.m. to a fire that started in the kitchen of the Brickyard Steakhouse, which activated the building’s sprinkler system.  The owner of the Brickyard as well as an employee at the Amsterdam said both businesses saw minimal damage.  The fire is said to have begun in a plate warmer unit built into the wall between 601 and 609 Main St. The warmer was left on and wood plates within the warmer ignited and extended up the wall. The cause of the fire was accidental, according to the release.