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Fresno, CA – Sprinkler system contains fire at grocery store; No injuries reported

A fire inside the Foods Co grocery store on Shields Avenue caused customers and employees to scramble from the store Sunday morning.

The two-alarm fire began on the paper-products aisle shortly after 8 a.m. with flames nearly reaching the ceiling, said a store employee who asked not to be identified. A possible suspect was seen running from the area and out of the store through an emergency exit, the employee said.

The store quickly filled with smoke, while Fresno Fire Department crews arrived within minutes.

Battalion Chief Kirk Wanless said no one was injured and the fire was contained to one aisle with the help of a fire sprinkler inside the store. It took crews about 10 minutes to knock down the fire that started among the toilet paper and paper towel products.

Wanless said the department’s fire investigator was on scene Sunday morning.

The store employee said someone tried tried to light a fire inside the store several months ago but was unsuccessful.

Fire crews remained at the store for several hours, clearing smoke and checking to make sure no one was inside. It was unclear how the fire would affect the store’s hours.

Memphis, TN – Sprinkler system contains arson fire at Walmart

An intentional fire set inside a Memphis Walmart caused nearly $2 million in content loss, the Memphis Fire Department said.

On Sunday, the MFD responded to a fire at the Walmart on Austin Peay Highway at 3:11 p.m.

Qwanesha Ward of the MFD said that the fire was intentionally set on Aisle 18 near the electronics department and was contained by the store’s sprinkler system.

However, the fire still led to $1.8 million in content loss and $10,000 in building loss. The store has smoke and water damage.

MFD said that the store will likely be closed until the end of the week.

Canton, IL – Sprinkler system activated for fire at grocery store; No injuries reported

The Hy-Vee store in Canton remains closed after a fire in a storage area Sunday morning.

At 11:22 a.m. Sunday, the Canton Fire Department responded to Hy-Vee Grocery store at 825 N. Main St. in Canton, for report of a fire in the back of the store. Upon arrival, firefighters found an upstairs storage area on fire with smoke and flames showing.

Hy-Vee personnel had evacuated the building prior to fire Department arrival.

Water supply was established and a handline was used to apply water to the fire. The building’s sprinkler system had activated and was successful in limiting fire spread until fire department personnel were able to extinguish the fire.

The fire was contained to the original storage area. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire.

The fire was brought under control within 12 minutes of the first fire engines arriving on scene, with fire crews remaining on scene till 12:56 p.m. conducting overhaul and fire investigation.

The store has been released by the fire department back into Hy-Vee personnel custody. The store remains closed at this time. The cause of the fire remains under investigation by Canton Fire Department’s investigation team.

The amount of damage to the building and contents is still being evaluated.

Baton Rouge, LA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at Dollar Tree store

A snack aisle at a Dollar Tree caught fire Sunday evening, destroying a shelf and damaging part of the building’s ceiling. 

The Central Fire Department posted pictures of the fire’s aftermath Sunday. Officials said the operational sprinkler system inside the store prevented the fire from spreading, and the scene was under control shortly after the firefighters’ arrival.

There was no immediate known cause of the fire, but the CFD encouraged anyone with information about the fire to contact the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Newark, DE – Sprinkler system activated for arson fire at shopping center; No injuries reported

The fire was reported at approximately 10:45 p.m. at the Acme in The Grove at Newark, formerly known as College Square Shopping Center.

Firefighters arrived to find debris on fire in one of the aisles. The sprinkler system contained the fire, which was extinguished by firefighters.

The store was open at the time of the fire, but no one was injured.

Deputy Chief A.J. Schall said there was damage to one aisle and likely smoke and water damage throughout the store.

The state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire, though reports from scene indicated that two juveniles ignited paper towels and then ran out of the store.

The fire came just weeks after Acme completed substantial renovations to the store, including new refrigerator cases, new flooring and a new floral department.

Aurora, IL – Sprinkler system controls fire near building’s loading dock; No injuries reported

A fire in a strip mall store near Fox Valley Mall in Aurora last Wednesday was contained before it could spread to other buildings, officials said.

At around 10 p.m., the Aurora Fire Department responded to the fire after it was called in by an employee of the store, which is located in the 4300 block of Fox Valley Center Drive, according to a news release from the fire department.

When firefighters arrived, they found the fire in the back of the building near a loading dock, but it was being controlled by the building’s sprinkler system and had not spread to nearby stores, the release said. The remaining fire was then put out, officials said.

All employees had evacuated the building before firefighters arrived, and no one was hurt in the fire, according to the release.

Four engine companies, two truck companies, two medic units and three chief officers responded to the fire, the release said.

According to officials, the fire remains under investigation by the Aurora Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Team.

Baton Rouge, LA – Sprinkler system activated for arson fire at Walmart; No injuries reported

The Walmart on Burbank Drive will be closed “indefinitely” after someone intentionally set a fire inside, the St. George Fire Department said Monday.

Just before 8 p.m. Sunday, the department was called to the store and found it had been evacuated. They were told the fire broke out in the middle of the building and “many sprinkler heads had been activated.”

Crews were able to find the fire and put it out within minutes, the department said. No one was injured.

The fire, smoke and sprinklers caused enough damage to close the store indefinitely, the department said.

Fresno, CA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at thrift store

A fire damaged a central Fresno thrift store Monday morning, according to the Fresno Fire Department.

Fire crews responded to the Amvets thrift store around 7:30 a.m. near Cedar and Shields avenues.

Investigators say when fire crews arrived they found a fire inside the garage area. The fire sprinkler system helped to put out the fire.

It’s unknown when the store will open but management say the fire caused minimal damage to the store itself. Officials add that the store should be able to reopen when repairs are complete.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Bainbridge, OH – Fire at Target contained by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

The Bainbridge Target location in Geauga County is closed temporarily while damage is repaired from a fire that took place on Monday, January 8.

There were no reported injuries and the fire was quickly contained by the store’s sprinkler system.

No reopening date was given by Target.

A representative from Target released the following statement:

“On Monday evening, the Bainbridge Township Fire Department responded to a fire at our Bainbridge, Ohio store, and our team worked quickly to evacuate the building. We appreciate the quick response of the local fire department and we’re grateful that no one was injured. The store will be closed for a short time for repairs and restocking, and we invite guests to visit our nearby store at the Macedonia location. The cause of the fire is under investigation, and we refer questions to the Bainbridge Fire Department.”

Bainbridge Fire Chief Lou Ann Metz released the statement below after the fire was successfully contained:

“There was a fire inside of Target. There were no injuries, and the fire was contained by the sprinkler system. The Bainbridge Police Department and Geauga County Fire Investigation Unit are investigating the incident and details will be released when the investigation is complete. The Bainbridge Fire Department would like to thank the following fire departments for their assistance : Auburn, Aurora, Chagrin Valley, Russell, and Solon. We are fortunate to have such great neighbors.”

Indianapolis, IN – Sprinkler system contains fire at shopping center; No injuries reported

Investigators are looking into the cause of a fire early Tuesday morning at a shopping center on Indianapolis’ north side. 

Shortly after 4 a.m. Jan. 9, firefighters responded to the Glendale Town Center, near North Keystone Avenue and East 62nd Street, for a fire alarm.

Crews found smoke and eventually discovered a small fire in a utility room inside a hallway that connects the Glendale branch of the Indianapolis Public Library and a Staples store.

The building’s sprinkler system contained the fire to the room, and the fire was brought under control around 5:15 a.m., IFD Battalion Chief Rita Reith told 13News.

Significant smoke was found inside the Staples store and the library.

“It is unclear what time Target, Staples or the Library will open for the day,” Reith said in a statement. “None of the businesses sustained damage other than some water damage.”

No injuries were reported.