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Casper, WY – Sprinkler system activated for fire at machinery facility; No injuries reported

Mills Fire Department officials said there were no injuries resulting from a fire at Wyoming Machinery on Thursday morning.

Crews were dispatched to the structure fire at 5300 W. Old Yellowstone Highway at 6:53 a.m. on Nov. 9, according to a Mills Fire Department release on Thursday.

“Upon arrival of the first fire units, smoke was visible from the roof of the shop on the Southeast end of the building,” the release said. “When crews entered the structure they encountered heavy smoke conditions and the fire sprinkler system was active.”

The business had already begun the evacuation process of the shop area, and all employees were accounted for.

Crews were able to locate the seat of the fire and confirm that the fire sprinkler system had suppressed the fire.

Natural and mechanical ventilation cleared the smoke and crews shut down the sprinkler system.

“Members of the Natrona County Interagency Fire Investigation Task Force investigated the fire and determined it to be an accidental fire, originating in the shop area,” the release said.

There were no injuries to employees or firefighters. The Mills Fire Department thanks the Mills Police Department, Natrona County Fire District, Casper Fire/EMS, Bar Nunn Fire, Banner Health EMS, Casper Public Safety Communications Center, and members of the Natrona County Interagency Fire Investigation Task Force for their response.

Rock Springs, WY – Sprinkler system activated for fire at auto repair shop

The Rock Springs Fire Department (RSFD) was dispatched to a report of a structure fire at The Tire Den, located at 202 Industrial Drive, at 12:59 a.m. on August 30.

RSFD responded with three apparatus and nine personnel. The first-arriving unit from the RSFD was on scene within one minute of being dispatched. Upon arrival, Command was established and a 360-degree size-up conducted. Crews noted heavy smoke and flames coming from the C/D (North-East) area of the building in the compressor room.

The attack team knocked the fire down and the fire was declared controlled at 1:17 a.m. Fire crews remained on scene to conduct salvage and overhaul operations to protect the property from further damage and ensure that the fire was completely extinguished. The local fire suppression system, with the deployment of a single sprinkler head, limited fire extension into adjacent areas of the facility, which prevented what would otherwise have been a significant conflagration involving multiple structures.

A callback was initiated to backfill reserve fire apparatus to handle any additional calls for service that might come in during the fire. Five personnel responded to address those needs and begin preparing replacement fire hose to rehab the trucks used at the scene. The equipment and hose used during the suppression operations was cleaned and the truck was placed back in service by 5 a.m.

The Patrol Officers with the Rock Springs Police Department noted heavy smoke at the building during routine patrol and helped fire crews gain access to the property.

The fire is under investigation and the cause has not yet been determined.

Jackson, WY – Sprinkler system activated for fire at apartment complex

At 10:40 a.m. this morning, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS responded to a structure fire at the Blair Place Apartment Complex.

Upon arrival, first responders observed flames coming from the third floor of apartment building 245. 

After arriving on the scene, firefighters were able to successfully control the fire which was contained to the third floor and roof, causing fire damage to two apartments according to Battalion Chief Mike Moyer. Other units on the first and second floors experienced water damage. 

The fire alarm and sprinkler systems were activated and responsible for effectively alerting residents of the  14-unit building and for helping to control the fire.  

“This is a good reminder to make sure your fire alarms and sprinkler systems are in working condition because they do make a difference,” Moyer said.  

While all residents were able to evacuate without injury and several pets were able to be evacuated. Residents will not be able to return to their apartments at least through tonight as the fire department will conduct its investigation and property managers will assess the damage to fire alarm and suppression systems.

Rock Springs, WY – Apartment fire stopped by fire sprinkler system

The Rock Springs Fire Department responded to two apartment fires in the Village at Silver Ridge on Saturday, according to Fire Chief Jim Wamsley.

Wamsley said crews responded to the first fire just after 3 pm when initial reports indicated that a sprinkler system had been activated from a report by the alarm monitoring company.

Upon arrival, responding crews gained access to apartment 205, noting that the fire had been extinguished by the sprinkler activation system. Crews stopped the water flow at the head and checked for any remaining hot spots and possible extension to adjacent apartment units and the apartment immediately above the fire floor.

No damage or fire extension was found. The cause of the fire was determined to be an unattended grill on the balcony. The fire suppression system was tagged out of service and the management of the apartment facility was given instructions to maintain a fire watch until such time as the fire suppression system could be repaired and brought back into normal operation.

Jackson Hole, WY – Sprinkler system works, contains apartment fire to only kitchen

An early morning fire at the Smith’s Plaza was doused by an operational sprinkler system.

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS was called to a structure fire in the apartments above the Smiths Liquor Store this morning at 8:40am. By the time they arrived, crews found that a sprinkler had completely extinguished a grease fire from an unattended cooking pan. The pan’s grease flamed up to the overhead kitchen hood and was suppressed when the sprinkler head became hot enough to trigger water onto the fire and quickly put it out.

Fire crews placed a stopper in the sprinkler head to help control the water flow once it was determined the fire was completely out. By 2pm this afternoon, it was reported the water had been cleaned up and the sprinkler system put back into service. All 40 employees will be able to return to their rooms tonight.

Fire Marshal Kathy Clay put the event in perspective and emphasized the importance of a fully functional sprinkler system.

“One fire sprinkler put out a fire that could have burned the entire building down,” Clay noted. “This single fire sprinkler kept the fire spread from going into the attic space. Housing is a significant issue in this valley, and today we can celebrate that this life safety fire sprinkler system functioned when needed, saved lives, and saved property.”

Cheyenne, WY – Sprinkler system keeps fulfillment center fire at bay

The Sierra Trading Post Fulfillment Center was evacuated Monday morning following a fire on the building’s east side.  Cheyenne Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the scene at 10:07 a.m. and arrived at 10:15 a.m. to see the building had already been evacuated, according to a news release.  Firefighters encountered “dense smoke” when they got inside and were able to locate the fire in the eastern portion of the building. They had it under control by 10:40 a.m. but were still on scene at 3 p.m.  No injuries were reported, and Scott Smith, Fire and Rescue public information officer, said the building’s sprinkler system likely kept the fire at bay in the Fulfillment Center, where orders are often stored.  Officials are still working to identify the cause of the fire and assess damage.

Jackson Hole, WY – Arson fire at gas station limited by working sprinkler system

Someone started a fire at the West Broadway Phillips 66 gas station early Wednesday morning, and police need help identifying a man who was caught on surveillance video.  The fire triggered the gas station’s sprinkler system, so little damage was caused.  Police said it happened after 3 a.m. just outside the business’ front door, where a pallet of firewood sits.  In the video, the man can be seen walking back and forth near the entryway.

He appears to be in his mid-20s with long, brown hair. He was riding a black mountain bike, police said.  Police and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS responded, but the sprinklers took care of the flames.  “The only property damage the gas station received was a pallet of firewood, but the fire could have been more severe if a sprinkler system wasn’t located above the pallet,” said Detective Jason Figueroa. “The subject was out of camera view for a few minutes before leaving. He was the only person to be seen at the gas station before the police and fire department arrived to put out the fire.”

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Chief Brady Hansen said arson calls aren’t typical in Jackson.  “In our history, it has occurred, but it is not a common issue,” he said  If you recognize the man or have information about the fire, you’re asked to call the Jackson Police Department at 733-1430 and ask for Detective Figueroa.

Casper, WY – Single sprinkler contains shopping mall restaurant fire until firefighters arrive

At approximately 12:00 AM Sunday morning, February 4th, Casper Fire-EMS responded to a fire alarm at the 600 block of Southeast Wyoming Boulevard, the Eastridge Mall. Firefighters say that they arrived and found a fire in a storage closet area of a restaurant in the building. The fire was accessed and extinguished a short time after arrival. There were no occupants of the building at the time of the fire.

No injuries were reported as a result. A cause is yet to be determined and remains under investigation. Prior to arrival of firefighters, a single head in the fire sprinkler system in the building activated. The action of the system controlled the fire until firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze. Officials say in a written statement to media, that the fire was contained to the storage area and damage was minimal. A value of damage to the building and contents has not been determined. 5 units of Casper Fire-EMS initially responded. They were assisted by Casper Police and the Wyoming Medical Center.

Casper Fire-EMS says that the fire illustrates the value of fire sprinkler systems. “The presence of the system in this case limited spread of the fire to other areas of the structure. What could have been a well-developed and growing fire was controlled in the area of origin until arrival of firefighters,” officials say in the written statement. “These systems represent an important life safety and property protection component of modern structures.

Riverton, WY – Sprinklers limit spread of fire at school bus garage; Only one bus damaged

Riverton’s bus barn caught fire canceling all bus routes this morning. The fire was reported at 7:00 pm Monday night.   Only one bus caught fire, the other thirty buses were saved by the sprinkler system installed just two years ago.  Buses in the barn are parked inches from each other so the Superintendent of Riverton’s School District said only losing one bus, was amazing.

Right now, bus drivers are cleaning the remaining buses of soot and smoke damage. The actual bus barn structure suffered some damage but was also saved from being a total loss by the sprinkler system.

Riverton schools continued to operate; all children unable to get to school because of the fire will be excused. There is no set timetable for when the buses will resume their regular routes.

Cheyenne, WY – Apartment kitchen fire put out by sprinkler system; No injuries

A fire in a three story, multi-unit apartment complex in the 300 block of Montalto Drive Monday morning was short-lived because of an installed sprinkler system, said Chief Darrick Mittlestadt of Laramie County Fire District 1.

When firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after 8:40AM they noticed that the apartment complex was evacuated and water coming out of a first floor apartment. When firefighters went inside the apartment they found light smoke and a sprinkler head in the kitchen area activated. The fire was out when firefighters made their way into the kitchen.

According to investigators, an occupant of the apartment was cooking oil in a pan on the stove. The stove was unattended when the oil caught fire and started to burn the cabinet directly above the stove. The heat from the fire caused the sprinkler head in the kitchen to activate. The damage was limited to the kitchen area.

Firefighters said properly working smoke alarms and that the quick action of the sprinkler system limited the damage to the residence and prevented injury to the occupant.  Damage was estimated at $1,000.

LCFD #1 wants to remind everyone the importance of working smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. You should test your smoke alarms monthly and change the batteries twice a year, when you change your clocks. Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.