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Single fire sprinkler stops apartment fire (Onalaska, WI)

An early morning fire brought both fire and police crews to an apartment building. Police crews helped to evacuate a woman from the building while fire crews entered the premises to put out the blaze. Firefighters found that a single fire sprinkler had put out the fire, causing minimal damage to the apartment.

Onalaska Assistant Fire Chief Troy Gudie said, “This is a perfect example of the life safety benefits of a residential sprinkler system. The single spinkler head quickly activated extingishing the fire while at the same time it activated the buildings fire alarm notifying residents to evacuate.”

Fire sprinklers limit fire damage at apartment building (Madison, WI)

A late night fire that began in the garage of an apartment building was quickly contained by two sprinkler heads located within a few feet of the car in which the fire began. According to Madison Fire Department spokesman Eric Dahl, “This contained the fire and kept it from spreading until firefighters arrived to finish extinguishing the fire.”
No injuries were reported, and once conditions were safe, all of the residents were allowed to return to their appartments.

Sprinkler system controls fire at assisted living facility (Madison, WI)

A sprinkler system at an assisted living facility kept fire damage to a minimum, with residents evacuated and no one injured, authorities reported. “This is an excellent example of how sprinklers can react quickly to save lives and reduce property damage,” said spokeswoman Bernadette Galvez in the release. Fire was confined to one room, which was kept in check by the sprinkler. The facility serves those afflicted with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.