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A fire at manufacturer plant was contained by the sprinkler system (Sheboygan, WI)

A fire at a stainless steel and aluminum parts and products manufacturer was contained to a dust collector located outside the building, according to the Sheboygan Fire Department. Deputy Chief Charles Butler said the blaze was controlled by the building’s sprinkler system before the fire department arrived. The company’s employees evacuated immediately and there were no injuries.

Damage minimized at aluminum fabricator fire thanks to sprinkler system (Beloit, WI)

American Aluminum Extrusion’s sprinkler system did its job, according to Deputy Fire Chief Bruce Hedrington.  “We had smoke 60 feet above the building when we were responding, but we didn’t see any fire because the sprinkler system did its job and knocked its down,” Hedrington said. “The sprinklers usually just kept it in check, but it did a great job.”  All employees were safely evacuated before firefighters arrived. 

Sprinkler System Contains Fire at Senior Apartment Complex (Eau Claire, WI)

No one was hurt in a fire Monday afternoon at a senior apartment complex and nursing home on the city’s far northwest side. An investigation determined the fire was caused by boxes that had been left on a stove while the occupant was in the process of moving. The fire was contained to the stove and cabinets above. It was doused by the sprinkler system.