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Grayson, KY – Bathroom fire at high school contained by sprinkler system; Student return to classes same day

A small fire briefly disrupted classes Friday at East Carter High School, according to Carter County Schools.  It happened in a restroom, and the smoke activated the sprinkler system. (note from blog editor: smoke does not activate this type of fire sprinkler system. Continue Reading »

Bowling Green, KY – Fire on 10th floor of university residence hall contained by sprinkler system

Western Kentucky University officials say a kitchen fire broke out on the tenth floor of Pearce Ford Tower early Monday afternoon.  Students say water from the sprinkler system has pooled up on floors nine and ten, with some students reporting damaged belongings, though this hasn’t been confirmed by officials.  Continue Reading »

Frankfort, KY – Fire at Johnny Carino’s restaurant kept in check by sprinkler system

A west Frankfort restaurant experienced a small fire early Wednesday morning.

Frankfort Fire and EMS responded to an automated alarm for sprinkler system activation at Johnny Carino’s at 12:25 a.m. Wednesday, interim Fire Chief Wayne Briscoe said.

Firefighters found smoke and a little fire coming from the eave of an area on the roof, Briscoe said.Continue Reading »

Richmond, KY – Fire at senior living center suppressed with help from sprinkler system

Move-in day for many residents at Pebblecreek Crossing on Big Hill Avenue took a turn for the worse when a small fire in a lower-level apartment sent Richmond fire trucks racing to put out the flames Friday evening. The fire began when a new resident sat boxes on top of a stove that was turned on, according to Pam Turner, member of the Pebblecreek Crossing management team. Continue Reading »

Richmond, KY – Sprinkler system stop fire at arts council building, saving artwork from damage

The Richmond Area Arts Council building on West Water Street sustained slight smoke, fire and water damage Tuesday afternoon after a small fire broke out in the building’s basement.

Late Tuesday afternoon as she carefully sloshed through water pooled in the art council’s basement, RAAC Executive Director Deborah Kidd recounted the moment staff knew something had gone wrong.Continue Reading »

Bowling Green, KY – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire, prevents it from spreading in downtown building

At about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, the Bowling Green Fire Department responded to a structure fire with visible flames on the third floor at 423 Park Row, the building adjacent to the Brewing Co.  Three fire trucks responded to the call and immediately started preparing a ladder truck to allow firefighters access to the roof.Continue Reading »

Louisville, KY – Fire at middle school put out by sprinkler system; Fire started in tablet charging station

The de Paul School students have a longer weekend thanks to an overnight fire.  The fire broke out around 7:00 PM Sunday night on a cart that charges tablets.   According to Tony Kemper, head of school, no one was on campus during the fire and only the cart was damaged.   Continue Reading »