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Fire controlled by sprinkler system at cedar remanufacture (Langley, BC)

Ember smoldered and ignited some sawdust near a woodworking machine, which lit some nearby wood scraps, and finally set fire to a lift of lumber.  That caused a sprinkler head directly above the blaze to activate.  “The sprinkler system controlled the fire,” assistant fire chief Bruce Ferguson.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers control air conditioning unit fire at townhouse (Maple Ridge, BC)

A fire caused by an exploding air conditioning unit was quickly doused by sprinklers after its spread to a townhouse. Fire chief Dane Spence said a fireball came through a window. “The sprinkler system went off inside and kept the fire to the outside of the residence,” said Spence.Continue Reading »

Apartment kitchen fire contained by sprinkler system (Chilliwack, BC, Canada)

“Fire crews entered the suite and found a pot on the stove had activated a sprinkler head,” said Jeff Ullyot, assistant fire chief. “The sprinkler controlled and extinguished the fire, preventing it from extending beyond the stove,” he said. Minor fire and smoke damage was limited to a microwave and an area of the upper cupboards.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system controlled fire at waste management building (Kentville, NS)

Kentville firefighters responded to a report of a fire in the Valley Waste Resource main depot on the Donald E. Hiltz Connector Road. Firefighters received the alarm around 3:30 a.m. On their arrival, they found a small pile of debris, left over from the previous day, had caught fire.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system aids firefighters in hospital fire (Kamploops, BC)

A fire that broke out in a hosptal caused “a full emergency response because of the life risk,” said Fire Chief Dave McMahon. Thanks to the fire sprinkler and the firefighters, the flames were quickly doused. McMahon went on to say, “The sprinkler did its job, it suppressed the fire and kept it to a minimum.” No injuries were reported.Continue Reading »