Sprinklers stop self storage facility fire (Toms River, NJ)

When fire crews arrived to a fire at a self storage facility, they found that the flames had already been extinguished by the building’s fire sprinklers. The cause of the fire was inappropriate disposal of smoking materials.

Bureau of Fire Prevention Director James Mercready said, “A properly designed and maintained fire sprinkler system is an essential component in fire protection in both residential and commercial structures.”

One thought on “Sprinklers stop self storage facility fire (Toms River, NJ)”

  1. Recently I have been looking for a storage unit while my husband and I have been trying to downsize our home. Most of the advice I get is to go ahead, look at all of the pricing options, and storage sizes to figure out what would best fit my needs. However, I have never heard of renting a storage unit that has sprinklers around it just in case of a fire. This is a great precaution to have in case of emergencies. I did not know that some storage units offer having sprinklers around the units in case of a fire.

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