Napa, CA – Residential fire sprinklers stop kitchen fire after family dog accidentially turned on stove burner; No injuries reported

When Napa Fire responded to a report of white smoke coming from a residence in central Napa Thursday morning, firefighters were greeted with two surprising sights.

First: An automatic sprinkler had already put out the kitchen fire.

Second: The fire had most likely started when one of the family’s German shepherds “counter-surfed,” accidentally turning on a stove burner underneath a bag of groceries, Capt. Steve Becker said.

This wasn’t an unprecedented cause, Becker said. “Dogs counter-surfing have caused more than one fire,” he said.

The fire, reported at 8:40 a.m., was located in a residence on the D Street Alley.

Because the home was equipped with automatic sprinklers, the kitchen sustained minor damage, Becker said. No one was injured, he said.