Midwest City, OK – (no media coverage) Fire sprinkler contained fire to area above bathroom at nursing home; No injuries reported

This morning at Emerald Care-Midwest City a fire started above the bathroom for one of the resident rooms.  The fire was caused by a faulting fan/lighting fixture which ignited just above the hard ceiling.  The space above the ceiling was protected by an upright sprinkler head which contained the fire to a small area above the bathroom.

The sprinkler system was under repair before the fire fighters were leaving the site.  (Shout out to Daniel Webster and Ryan Caldwell for helping the fire fighters, managers and building maintenance get the situation under control!).

The fire alarm correctly notified the authorities and activated audibles/visuals but did suffer some minor damage from water to the duct detector near the fire. (Another shout to John Deer for restoring the fire system to full service). 

There was some water damage due to the fire department and building maintenance not knowing where the sprinkler shutoff valve was located although I did see a visible note posted in the riser room and on the riser itself for its location.  Mostly standing water in rooms, corridor and a few ceilings in the rooms around the fire. (Took pictures to document and will post with report).  The maintenance engineer is 2 weeks new to the site and Anthony LaGrange was already talking with him about training before this incident occurred and he will stay with it and get them trained on their life safety systems.

Because of the quick response by the fire fighters, remediation team, electrical, mechanical, facility employees and of course our very own amazing team, many residents were able to return comfortably to their rooms late today.  This is an elderly nursing care facility and it was very important to get things normalized as fast as possible to relieve the occupants anxiety and fears.  No patients were noted to be injured during the fire, building evacuation or clean up.