Charlottetown, PE, Canada – Sprinkler system contains storage fire at building supplies business

A fire at the Kent Buildings Supplies in Charlottetown last night was the result of halogen bulbs overheating from the emergency lighting, said Charlottetown fire inspector Winston Bryan after the investigation was concluded this morning.

The Charlottetown Fire Department responded to the call at 10:50 p.m. yesterday to the building on 65 Marsh Rd.  Pallets of inventory and cardboard were ignited from the emergency lighting, which was powered by halogen bulbs.

The halogen bulbs produced enough heat to cause ignition of a box, which then spread to other boxes on the shelving unit.

The fire was contained in the warehouse area and shelving units, said Bryan.  What contained the fire was the sprinkler system, said Bryan.

All clear was given at around 2 a.m. today with no injuries sustained Though this doesn’t happen often, it tends to happen more so in warehouses with the stacking of goods up against lights.

“Over time they will ignite,” said Bryan.

It boils down to training within the businesses to install lighting at proper heights.  “Take it into consideration what you are actually storing in your warehouse… should be designed around that.”

“The sprinkler system basically contained the fire to one particular area of the building,” he said. “So having your sprinkler system maintained and inspected on a year to year base, as per code, assisted in the suppression of the fire.”