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Green Township, OH – Sprinkler system activated for refrigerator fire at school

Margaret B. Rost School will not be open Wednesday after a refrigerator fire resulted in extensive damage.

Fire crews were dispatched to the school on Bridgetown Road Wednesday afternoon for a fire alarm activation. When they arrived, Green Township Fire Chief Scott Souders said they found a fridge inside that had caught fire.

The fire had already been put out thanks to the school’s sprinkler system, but Souders said the system caused water damage throughout the building. The fire also resulted in a large amount of smoke, which crews were trying to clear from the school.

A spokesperson for the school said classes are canceled Wednesday — noting they hope to be back Thursday but do not yet know the extent of the damage.

“I would assume at this point it’s not going to be able to be occupied anytime in the next day or two,” Souders said at the scene.

A remediation crew has been called to the school.

Officials said the school was unoccupied when the fire occurred. It doesn’t appear suspicious at this time, but an investigation is underway.

Margaret B. Rost is a school operated by Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services. It focuses on individualized instruction for students with significant disabilities.

Boone, NC – Sprinkler system extinguishes classroom fire at high school; No injuries reported

There was minor damage to some classrooms after a fire at Watauga High School on Thursday.

At approximately 4:24 PM the fire alarm and sprinkler system were activated in one of the classrooms on the main level of Watauga High School, according to Superintendent Dr. Scott Elliott.

A stovetop in the classroom was inadvertently activated when items were placed on top of the stove. The sprinkler system extinguished the fire before the fire spread to any other classrooms, according to Elliott.

There was minor fire damage to the walls and cabinetry, and extensive smoke and water damage to several classrooms on two floors. Dr. Elliott said they will spend the weekend getting everything cleaned up and repaired before the students return to class on Tuesday. 

“I am grateful to all the first responders, most especially the Boone Fire Department, and to our own maintenance and custodial staff for their quick response and assistance. Also, it is a good reminder to every single one of us to be careful around stoves and other appliances. This same thing could have happened in anyone’s home or place of work. In this case, we are fortunate that no one is injured and the classrooms can be repaired.” Dr. Elliott said.  

Rio Rancho, NM – Sprinkler system activated for fire at middle school; No injuries reported

Rio Rancho Middle School students are reportedly safe after a small fire was extinguished Tuesday morning.

School officials say the fire started in a girl’s restroom in the school’s 500 wing. The fire activated the sprinkler system and alarms which prompted students to be evacuated and fire crews to respond.

No one was injured and the school says all protocols were followed before letting students return to class safely.

School administrators have identified the accused perpetrator and are mulling disciplinary action for them. No other details are available at this time.

Hagerstown, MD – Sprinkler system activated for arson fire at elementary school

Someone started a fire at Bester Elementary School in Hagerstown on Tuesday.

Shortly after 11 a.m., firefighters responded to the school at 385 Mill Street for a fire on the second floor.

The school was being evacuated when first responders arrived and an extinguished fire was found in a bathroom.

Officials said the fire was put out by the school’s automatic sprinkler system and was contained to the one room.

One school staff member was evaluated for smoke inhalation but did not need to be hospitalized.

Officials said the fire was intentionally set, a suspect has been identified, and charges are pending.

School dismissed early for the day after the incident.

Spring Lake, MI – Small school fire extinguished by sprinkler system

Emergency crews responded to a fire alarm at Holmes Elementary School in Spring Lake Thursday morning.

The Spring Lake Fire Department (SLFD) says units arrived at the school after 6 a.m. to find no signs of fire from the outside. Subsequent investigations revealed a small fire that had been put out by a sprinkler inside one of the classrooms, officials explain.

We’re told firefighters remained on scene to help clear out smoke and assist with the school’s cleanup efforts.

SLFD says the incident is an example of how sprinkler systems minimize fire damage and overall risks to public safety.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Marshall, MN – Sprinkler system extinguished fire at high school; No injuries reported

On Tuesday, April 11, 2022 around 4:00 pm there was a fire reported in a science classroom at Marshall High School.

The sprinkler system was activated and immediately extinguished the fire.  Superintendent Williams shared, “we are fortunate that no staff members were hurt and that the water damage is contained to one classroom”.  The fire Chief has allowed re-entry into the building.

School and activities will continue as normally planned.

Greenfield, MA – Sprinkler system activated for fire at public school

Police and fire officials are investigating the cause of a small fire at Four Rivers Charter Public School on Tuesday morning that resulted in an early dismissal.

It was later announced that the Colrain Road school would be closed on Wednesday to allow teachers a chance to regroup and consider how to move forward.

A small fire in a high school bathroom set off the fire alarm and sprinkler system, causing “significant” damage throughout the building, according to an email sent to families from Acting Head of School Zevey Steinitz. The building will likely not be in use for at least a couple of weeks while crews work to repair the water damage.

“Along with solving the practical problem of where to house our high school for the next couple of weeks, our main goal is to restore a sense of safety for our community,” Steinitz wrote to families.

Classes for middle school students are expected to resume on Thursday.

“We are currently reaching out to local community resources for options for our high school program and already have some promising leads,” Steinitz wrote.

According to Fire Chief Robert Strahan, firefighters responded to the school at around 10 a.m. to a report of a fire alarm.

“Crews found smoke conditions and a sprinkler activation upon arrival,” he said. “They were able to quickly identify a small fire. That fire was extinguished very quickly.”

According to an email sent to the community earlier in the day, school officials were given approval to release students at both the middle school and high school.

Buses were scheduled to transport regular riders, and students who needed to stay until the end of the day were supervised in the Farmhouse, according to the email.

Steinitz declined to comment further when reached by phone on Tuesday. In her email to families, she advised that to prevent the spread of rumors, any information students or parents have that may be relevant should be shared with either her or Dean of Students Matt Leaf.

The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Greenfield Fire Department, detectives from the Greenfield Police Department and Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

“The agencies were on scene for several hours while the investigation was being conducted,” Strahan said.

El Paso, TX – Sprinkler system activated for arson fire at school; No injuries reported

The Ysleta Independent School District is working with police investigators after footage of Sunday night’s fire was at Pebble Hills Elementary school circulated on social media.

Around 7:15 p.m. Sunday, fire crews responded to the fire.

Smoke was reportedly coming out of the school building and the fire alarms were activated, according to EPFD spokesman Enrique Duenas-Aguilar.

A small fire was found inside a room at the school.

The sprinkler system inside contained the fire from spreading, according to Duenas-Aguilar.

No injuries were reported.

Footage taken of individuals running out of the school surfaced on social media.

Footage of a table inside the school on fire was captured as well.

KFOX14 spoke to Pebble Hills Elementary school parents regarding the incident.

The majority of parents were concerned with how the students were able to get inside and expressed concern over the safety of the campus.

“My big concern is how they got in the building, because I thought the doors were closed and locked so that kind of scares me a little bit about my kids safety,” said Naomi Fierro.

Another parent said students should be held accountable and their discipline should begin at home.

“For one, I think it starts at home, if the kids are acting up this way I think the parents need to maybe tighten the grip on their kids or just their parenting styles need to change, maybe the kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd,” said Emily Ray.

Glen Cove Elementary School was also vandalized on Sunday.

El Paso police are also looking into that crime.

Heavy vandalism in some classrooms and hallways, and windows were damaged, according to Ysleta ISD.

The school was able to open Monday for instruction.

It’s unknown at this time if the vandalism and fire are related.

Atlanta, GA – Sprinkler system activated for kitchen fire at school; No injuries reported

Students at Lovett school were promptly evacuated Monday morning after a fire broke out in the kitchen of the Lower School building.

No injuries were reported and sprinkler systems deployed automatically, helping to bring down the flames. 

Lower School students and teachers have since been relocated to the Hendrix-Chenault Theater as fire officials work to identify the cause of the fire.

Atlanta Fire Rescue says they have extinguished a fire in the kitchen of The Lovett School.

In a tweet, they say they are staying on scene for further investigation.

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department tweeted Monday morning that it was responding to The Lovett School because of “heavy smoke coming from the structure.”

Details are very limited at this time, but Atlanta Fire Rescue says all children at the school have been evacuated as of 9:17 a.m.

CBS46 has a crew on the way to the scene and will provide new information as soon as we get it.

Hardeeville, SC – Sprinkler system activated for commercial dryer fire at middle school

A fire that began inside a commercial dryer Nov. 29 led to the evacuation of Hardeeville Ridgeland-Middle School and Hardeeville Elementary School as firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, according to officials.

“A dryer in the athletic room at Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School caught fire,” the Jasper County School District said in a statement. “Our sprinkler system successfully extinguished the fire. Our teachers and staff followed our fire evacuation protocols and evacuated all students from Hardeeville Elementary School and Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School, safely and orderly, and all parents were informed immediately.”

The Hardeeville Fire Department responded around 12:52 p.m., Assistant Fire Chief Joey Rowell said. Rowell said the school had been evacuated quickly and everyone was outside and accounted for when firefighters arrived. 

“The fire was in the rear of the school in the laundry area near the gymnasium,” Rowell said. “The dryer, which is a commercial dryer, had gotten too hot with some uniform equipment on the inside of it. The sprinklers in the school held the fire in check until firefighters could arrive and put out remaining hot spots. Without sprinklers, it could have gotten a lot worse with smoke.”

Rowell said the school had drainage systems in the floor of the laundry room area, which also helped. He said most of the damage was to the dryer and no damage estimate was immediately available. 

“The fire department remained on scene until all systems could be returned to normal around 5 p.m.,” Rowell said. “This was good work by all, including the school district and the fire department.”