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Lawrence, KS – Sprinkler system activated for electrical malfunction at law enforcement center; No injuries reported

There were no injuries from a fire at the law enforcement center in Lawrence late Tuesday.

Just before 11p.m. crews responded to a fire alarm at the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center at 111 East 11th Street in Lawrence, according to Fire Chief Richard Llewellyn.

This facility houses several Douglas County departments, including the District Attorney, Emergency Communications Center (ECC), Court Services and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

While initial units were responding, the incident was upgraded to a “Confirmed Structure Fire” and additional resources were dispatched.

First responders encountered significant smoke in the basement of the building.  Following a thorough search in low visibility conditions, firefighters located a fire that was contained by a single activated fire sprinkler head.

Crews put the fire out and then searched the rest of the building for fire extension and to ensure that no victims were present.

Douglas County’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) continued to operate throughout this incident, both receiving incoming 911 calls and dispatching resources as appropriate. Dispatchers monitored ongoing fire operations in the building and worked through an audible fire alarm which remained activated for an extended time period.

Investigators determined the fire occurred in the jury deliberation room for the Division 7 Court Room in the basement of the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center.

The room had experienced water damage from a sprinkler head that was damaged during recent freezing temperatures. The fire was determined to be accidental due to an electrical/mechanical malfunction of a fan that had been left running in the room to assist with the drying process. No injuries were reported.

Westboro, MA – Sprinkler system activated for arson fire at police station; No injuries reported

A person was taken into custody after a fire was set in the lobby of the Westboro Police Station on Sunday night, officials said.

Crews responding to a report of a fire at the police station on Main Street around 8:20 p.m. found a smoldering fire being held in check by the building’s sprinkler systems and heavy smoke in the building, according to Westboro Fire Chief Patrick Purcell.

The police station was evacuated.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and ventilated the building.

No one was injured. Policing operations, including patrol, remain operational.

After a search, which included police K-9 units and police drones, a person of interest was located and taken into custody. That person’s name is not being released.

There was minimal fire damage to the building, but the sprinkler system caused significant water damage. Purcell estimated the damage at $250,000.

Burlington, VT – Sprinkler system extinguishes arson fire at police department

A fire at the Burlington Police Department was intentionally set, authorities say.

The Burlington Fire Department was dispatched Monday morning around 2 a.m. to the headquarters of the Burlington Police Department at 1 North Ave.

A fire had been set in the lobby, according to the police department, by Stephen A. Romprey, 62, who said later when he was questioned that he was making a point. He set fire to paper in the vestibule which is the only part of the police station that remains open at night. He was taken into custody and charged with second degree arson and reckless endangerment.

By the time fire crews arrived on scene the fire had been put out by the building’s automatic sprinkler system. Due to the amount of smoke the fire had produced, crews evacuated workers from the Emergency Communications Center, which was in a different part of the building. An emergency plan was activated to relocate the dispatch services so that 911 calls were not disrupted.

The fire and sprinkler system caused thousands of dollars in fire and water damage to part of the building, according to Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad. The water from the sprinkler flooded floors in multiple areas. About three hours after the evacuation, the Emergency Communications Center was able to operate out of the BPD building once again.

The police department is considering locking the doors to the vestibule as a result even though it includes a phone the public can use to alert authorities and a warm space that some unhoused use at night. Murad said the department is considering putting a phone on the exterior of the building.

This was the second in about a week’s time that Burlington emergency responders were targeted. On Nov. 5, an ambulance was stolen while on a call, driven about half a mile and crashed into a parked car.

Colchester, Vt – Fire contained by sprinkler system

A Colchester Fire District building is closed because of damage from an early morning fire Friday.

The Colchester Fire Department says it responded to the District #2 building just after midnight for a sprinkler/water flow alarm. They say this building shares a parking lot with the Mallets Bay station on Church Road. When they got there, the fire was showing from the roof. Crews say thanks to properly placed sprinkler heads, the fire was able to be contained.

Because of water damage in the office, the building will be closed for an unknown amount of time, but they can still be reached by phone for water-related emergencies.

The cause is currently under investigation but is not considered suspicious.

North Bend, WA – Fire at volunteer fire station contained by sprinkler system

Eastside Fire & Rescue crews responded Tuesday to a report of a fire in North Bend – and when they arrived on scene they found smoke and flames pouring from one of their own fire stations.

The incident unfolded just before 3 p.m. Tuesday when firefighters responded to a fire alarm at a building at 42804 SE 172nd St. in North Bend. Turns out that’s the address of Eastside Fire’s Station 88 in the Wilderness Rim area – a volunteer station that is not staffed full time.

Smoke was billowing from the building when crews arrived on scene. The flames were extinguished, and firefighters discovered that the flames had erupted from an ambulance parked inside the building’s apparatus bay.

The station’s sprinkler system prevented the blaze from spreading.

Fire officials say no one was in the building when the fire started, and it’s unclear why the ambulance burst into flames.

Commerce City, CO – Sprinkler system activated for fire inside fire house

A fire station in Commerce City has been closed and a firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out inside the fire house early Thursday morning.

The incident happened at about 2:10 a.m. at South Adams County Fire Station No. 8, 10326 Walden St., according to a news release.

The fire burned a brush/skeeter truck parked in a bay inside the fire station.

Firefighters were awakened by a fire alarm to heavy smoke and the building’s sprinkler system activated. South Adams Engine 27 responded as did Brighton Fire Truck 53. The fire was extinguished and one firefighter was taken to a local hospital for smoke inhalation, treated and released.

A breathing apparatus bottle in the truck exploded and produced a “boom” that was heard in the neighborhood, the news release said.

The brush truck is a total loss and station 8 will be closed for an investigation and repairs. Station 6 will serve the area typically covered by the closed station.

Delta, BC, Canada – Arson fire in police building lobby controlled with help from sprinkler system

A man has been arrested after police in Delta say he set fire to couches in the lobby of the Delta Police Public Safety Building. “Fortunately there were no injuries,” Delta PD’s Cris Leykauf says. “The man was quickly arrested and is currently in custody.

Police say the man walked into the building in North Delta around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday with a jerry can in hand, soaking the furniture with gasoline and lighting it on fire. The fire caused the building sprinkler system to go off, and the building was evacuated.

Police Chief Neil Dubord says staff responded quickly and were able to put out the flames.  “The firemen who were also in the building, heard the commotion going on into the front and came out as well and helped to extinguish the fire,” Dubord tells NEWS 1130. “One of our officers that was in the back was able to get out in the front, as well, and quickly arrest the suspect before he was able to get away from the location.

While the building is still staffed, police say it’s been closed to the public due to significant smoke, fire and water damage in the lobby.  The suspect remains in custody and will likely face charges.  In the meantime, Dubord says their building is still being repaired, and they’re hoping to re-open later this week.  You can always call 604.946.4411 if you need any non-emergency police assistance over the long weekend. The headquarters in Ladner is also open.

Kansas City, MO – Fire at police evidence warehouse contained by sprinkler system

A warehouse used by Kansas City police to store evidence and property was damaged by a fire early Thursday.  Kansas City firefighters were called about 12:30 a.m. to the 5300 block of Municipal Avenue.  Fire crews said a sprinkler system did work, containing the fire. No injuries were reported.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Police said they are assessing the damage, and that is too early to know how many cases will be effected.  Officials said only a few shelves out of the entire warehouse were burned. That warehouse contained evidence dating back to the 1970’s.  The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said it is working with KCPD to determine any potential impact to criminal cases.

Fairbanks, AK – Fire inside fire department headquarters garage controlled by sprinkler system

A fire ignited inside the Fairbanks Fire Department headquarters over the weekend. FFD says the engine compartment of a light duty SUV, which is used by the Battalion Chief, caught fire while sitting inside the garage bay. The fire station’s sprinkler system activated, keeping the blaze under control until an available fire engine could respond from Station 3, the Aurora station. FFD says all personnel stationed at the headquarters were out of active medical calls when the car fire began. Two personnel in quarters began taking measures to attack the fire but could not engage until additional support arrived.

The cause remains under investigation, though no foul play is suspected. No injuries were reported. FFD says the extent of the damage to the station is still being determined, but direct fire damages were limited to the bay. Some smoke damage extended into other areas of the building. In a Facebook post, the Fairbanks Firefighters Union, blamed short staffing, saying “Every year the number of simultaneous EMS calls in the city increase. When crews are on multiple EMS calls the City has almost no fire protection… Short staffing is a major issue for the safety of residence (sic) in Fairbanks.

Batesville, IN – Emergency vehicle fire at at fire station controlled with help from sprinkler system

A Batesville Fire Department ambulance was heavily damaged and four people were injured by a fire early Friday morning at the fire station.  Just after midnight the emergency vehicle caught fire in the garage bay, causing the sprinkler system to activate. Firefighters quickly pulled the ambulance out of the building and the blaze was quickly extinguished.  There was slight damage to the door and soot that will require clean up. Four fire department workers were treated and released for smoke inhalation. No damage estimate is available for the ambulance. The cause is under investigation.