Farmers Branch, TX – (no media coverage) – Sprinkler system activated for structure fire at auto repair shop

*** No Media Coverage – Fire Department Reported *** Occupancy is an auto repair shop.  Fire occurred at 7:37 pm on 2/19/2019.  Quint 133 was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at the location.  Upon arrival, Quint 133 entered the facility, which was closed for the day, and observed light smoke.  Quint 133 Captain upgraded to a structure fire while they investigated.  Quint 133 crew heard the sound of a sprinkler head activation.  Upon further investigation, they observed a burned tool cart adjacent to a brand new F250 Ford Truck on a lift.  One sprinkler head activated above the tool cart.  Sprinkler system was shut off and an Investigator was requested.  Investigator examined the 2’x 3’ burned tool cart with a variety of tools and a damaged curb guard on the F250 Ford Truck.  No electricity was supplied to the cart.  The only source of ignition was energized lithium batteries for tools.  The  cause of the fire was accidental.  Total content loss was estimated at $800.  No structural damage.

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