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Arson fire at Yale University bookstore controlled by building’s sprinkler system (New Haven, CT)

On Monday, the bookstore called in Fire Investigators to investigate an arson fire. According to a statement issued by NHPD spokesman David Hartman, after reviewing the store’s security footage, the police found the suspect lighting several fires throughout the bookstore with a lighter.Continue Reading »

College campus fire contained by sprinkler system (Iowa City, IA)

A fire began in the Iowa City Chemical Building at 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 24. The flames began on the building’s fifth floor and were controlled by the school’s fire sprinkler system. No one was injured in the fire. Investigators believe the fire’s cause was the ignition of chemicals, but it is still under investigation.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers assists in the quick suppression of a university chemical fire (St. Catharines, ON, CA)

A chemical fire was quickly suppress in a lab at Brock University Friday evening. A graduate student was conducting research when a chemical reaction caused a flash fire in a fume hood.  The sprinkler system activated. An area of the fourth floor remains closed this weekend but officials from Brock University expect the lab to re-opened early next week.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler assists fire crews in university fire (East Stroudsburg, PA)

A fire started in the Enrollment Services Center building of East Stroudsburg University on Friday morning. While the cause is under investigation, fire officials claim the fire appeared to have started by a computer. No one was injured.

** Blog Editor’s Note – Please let us know what you think of the coverage by the Pocono Record, which focused on water damage rather than the lives and property saved by the automatic fire sprinkler system**Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system helps to put out fire at university (Charleston, SC)

A fire began in a first floor restroom at the Medical University of South Carolina on Wednesday, November 20. When firefighters arrived to the scene, they discovered that the fire had been almost completely extinguished by the fire sprinkler system. The building did not need to be evacuated, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. Continue Reading »