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Riverhead, NY – Sprinkler system activates; Helps control fire in records storage room

Riverhead firefighters found paper records burning in a second-floor records storage room at the county center when they responded to an automatic alarm this afternoon just before 1 o’clock.

There was a heavy smoke condition on the second floor when the first fire chief arrived.Continue Reading »

Fire at MSP international airport controlled by single sprinkler (Minneapolis, MN)

A small fire in a break room at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport set off smoke detectors and a sprinkler above Gate G-1, causing some minor disruption before operations returned to normal. “It was a small stove fire in a storage and break area,” MSP spokesman Patrick Hogan said Monday.Continue Reading »

Fire at library halted by single sprinkler (Lake Forest, IL)

At around 9:15 p.m. on January 14, the Lake Forest Fire Department was called to the Lake Forest Library when heavy smoke was reported coming from the building. Fire crews, confirming that there were no occupants in the building, reported that the fire began when a broken light bulb fell from the ceiling and ignited a chair.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers control engine/pumper fire at volunteer fire department (Vernon Township, PA)

“If it hadn’t been for the fire alarm system and the sprinklers, we’d have been in deep trouble,” said Tom Benak, a trustee and an assistant chief with Vernon Central Hose Co.  The fire, which occured around 11:45 PM on Tuesday night, was ruled accidental due to an electrical wiring malfunction in the crew compartment area behind the driver’s seat.Continue Reading »

Library arson fire controlled by sprinkler system (Brooksville, FL)

Firefighters were called to the East Hernando Branch Library in Brooksville on July 6 to put out a small fire. While no one was hurt, the smoke activated the building’s sprinkler system, damaging much of the inventory.

(*** BLOG EDITOR’S NOTE – Only the substantial heat from potentially deadly and damaging fire will operate a fire sprinkler, not smoke. … Continue Reading »