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Sprinklers contain hotel fire to room of origin (Reno, NV)

Fire crews are investigating a fire that broke out inside the Ponderosa Hotel in south Reno on Thanksgiving morning.  The fire started just after 10:30am on the third floor of the South Virginia Street hotel.  The fire was contained to the one room, whichwas locked at the time the fire started, though no one was inside.  Firefighters say a few guests on third floor were evacuated as a precaution.Continue Reading »

Residential sprinkler system extinguishes late night apartment fire (Normal, IL)

A late night kitchen fire in an apartment was suppressed by a residential sprinkler activation, which allowed the occupant to escape and prevented significant damage to the building, firefighters said Wednesday.  A single sprinkler head had activated and extinguished all but a small fire under the kitchen cabinets, which was quickly extinguished with a handheld pump can.Continue Reading »