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Sprinklers keep fire from spreading in UPS facility (Landover, MD)

A UPS truck caught fire inside a shipping plant on Saturday, December 7, and fire crews quickly responded to the fire call. According to the Prince George County Fire Department, the fire sprinkler system in the shipping plant, which had activated in response to the heat of the fire, helped the firefighters to get the fire extinguished quickly. There were no injuries reported.

Sprinkler activates to halt storage room fire in chemical supply building (Bristol Township, PA)

A chemical supply company had a fire erupt in it’s storage room the afternoon of July 4. The building, which was closed at the time, had a fire sprinkler system that quickly kicked in to contain the fire to the storage room. Fire crews blamed the fire on a short in the light fixture in the room, which then started the cardboard in the room on fire. No injuries were reported, and no chemicals were released.

UPS facility saved by fire sprinkler system (Violetville, MD)

The Baltimore County Fire Department said that the call came in at about 9:45 a.m. reporting that a conveyer belt had caught fire. Batallion Chief Joe Brown said the fire was difficult to locate due to the smoke, size of the building and number/layers of conveyer belts. “Thankfully, the sprinkler system activated, suppressing the fire to the point that we could get in there,” he said.

Sprinkler system kept harbor fire from spreading (Kahului Harbor, Maui)

Chemical company fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Hinsdale, IL)

A Willow Springs chemical company was saved on Monday because of an automatic fire sprinkler system, said the town’s fire chief. A box alarm and hazmat team was called, and members found a single sprinkler head extinguished the wooden pallets and two drums of materials that caught fire. “These systems are in place for this reason, I can not find a better example of why we require fire alarms and sprinklers,” said Willow Springs Fire Chief Larry Moran.

Fire sprinkler system saves wood chip storage building (Post Falls, ID)

Fire crews were dispatched just after 7:00 a.m. to a structure fire in a wood chip storage building at Potlatch Corp. The fire was caused by a mechanical failure of a piece of equipment; this caused wood chips and saw dust to catch fire.  Officials say the fire sprinkler system kept the fire small until the trained on site fire crew was able to put water on it.