Sedona, AZ – Fire in self storage facility extinguished by automatic sprinkler system

*** Fire Department Reported – No Media Coverage ***  (May 31, 2018) – At 11:35 a.m. Sedona Fire District was dispatched to the Stormaster Storage Units located at 2300 Shelby Dr. for a storage unit on fire. Upon arrival crews discovered that the fire had been extinguished by the buildings fire sprinkler system. “When we arrived on scene, there was some residual smoke but the fire had been extinguished,” said Captain Ralph Kurtz, “It worked. The sprinkler system performed exactly like it should have and saved not only the entire building but most of the belongings inside the storage unit itself.” Firefighters spent the next hour moving salvageable belongings out of the unit and making sure that no fire remained in the items that had burned. Just one unit was involved and a neighboring storage unit had some items that received some slight water damage when water seeped under the wall. Damage is estimated to be under $5,000 to the building and contents, and no injuries were reported.

Fire investigators determined that the fire started when a renter lit an incense stick while cleaning out the unit. The renter left the site with the incense still burning inside the unit and returned to find firefighters on scene. “People often ask me about the value of sprinkler systems,” said Fire Marshal Jon Davis, “This incident really proves why they are being required in more and more properties. What could have been a major conflagration with losses into the hundreds of thousands or more was kept relatively small. Most importantly, my firefighters were not exposed to a large fire and all of the inherent dangers that are associated with it.”