Rapid City, SD – Single sprinkler head controls cooking fire from grill at apartment complex

A sprinkler system has again helped to extinguish a fire in a Rapid City apartment building.

When Rapid City firefighters responded to a report of a fire around 10 a.m. Sunday at 4226 Kateland St., they found light smoke and water flowing from an outside deck of the three-story apartment, according to a news release. A resident was cooking on a grill when a cooking fire broke out that was quickly controlled by the sprinkler head on the balcony. The building was not damaged.

This marks the sixth time since the beginning of the year that a sprinkler system has helped put out a fire in Rapid City, the news release says. Four of the incidents happened in apartment buildings, one was at a correctional facility and one was at a large commercial building. The most recent incident happened last Friday, when a sprinkler system helped put out a fire in a second-floor bedroom.