Quincy, MA – Apartment balcony fire kept in check by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

A woman and her two dogs were kept safe from harm Monday morning after a pile of trash on her apartment’s third-floor balcony caught fire.

Quincy firefighters responded to a fire alarm Monday morning in Building F of the apartment complex at 500 Falls Blvd. A fire sprinkler was right above where the fire started and kept it under control until firefighters arrived, officials said. 

“They were storing some rubbish out on the deck on the third floor and it caught fire,” Quincy Deputy Fire Chief Daniel Gorman said. “They don’t know what was in there that could have caught, they don’t smoke or anything, but it just caught fire.”

Gorman said the woman was home with her pets when she smelled the smoke. She immediately left the building with her dogs and called the fire department. Firefighters were already on their way when she called because an alarm had come into the station, Gorman said. 

The building was evacuated, nobody was injured and damage was minimal. 

“There was very little damage. … The cards all lined up and everything came out right. Nobody got hurt and there was no damage, it was a best-case scenario,” Gorman said. 

The deputy chief said those living in the apartment were lucky for the outcome.

“It was the exact same scenario as the building across the street a few years ago that actually burned down,” he said. “It was the same thing. … They were very lucky.”