Las Vegas, NV – Overnight fire in hotel-casino’s ice cream shop is held in check by sprinkler system

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue responded to the California hotel-casino early Thursday morning after a fire started inside an ice cream shop.  According to LVFR, firefighters arrived at the California hotel in downtown Las Vegas at 1:14 a.m. after a fire sprinkler was activated and smoke alarms went off inside the hotel’s ice cream shop, located on the second floor.  Firefighters noticed the flames were on the front counter display cooler unit and had been doused by the automatic sprinkler system, fire officials said. Once the fire was completely out, firefighters turned off the sprinklers to prevent any additional water damage.

Hotel housekeeping and maintenance worked with firefighters to help with water cleanup, according to LVFR.  Investigators believe the fire started inside the cooler unit and was “electrical in nature,” LVFR said. The damage from the fire was contained to the front counter.  Damage costs were estimated at $25,000 and the front counter will likely have to be replaced entirely, according to fire officials. Because the fire was contained within the ice cream shop, guests at the California hotel did not have to evacuate. No injuries were reported. Firefighters left the scene by 3 a.m.

“The fire sprinkler quickly kept the situation in check until firefighters arrived on scene and kept damage to a minimum as well as operations on the property were not impacted,” Tim Szymanski, LVFR’s public information officer, said.


One thought on “Las Vegas, NV – Overnight fire in hotel-casino’s ice cream shop is held in check by sprinkler system”

  1. Thank you for the very minimal mention of WATER damage. There was only water present because there was a FIRE. All damage is the result of the FIRE. It is all FIRE damage. No fire, no water. The water LIMITED the amount of ANY damage. The water MINIMIZED the incident and should not be reported as WATER DAMAGE. Thank you for not doing this. I get so tired of reading about WATER damage. What nonsense.

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