Hutchinson, MN – Lone sprinkler contains large blaze at commercial business complex

A lone sprinkler head may have been the difference between a small, contained fire and a large blaze Sunday night.

According to Hutchinson Fire Chief Mike Schumann, a fire broke out in one of the units at the city-owned Enterprise Center commercial business complex at 1164 Benjamin Ave. S.E. A utility cart with flammable paint supplies on it ignited in the building at approximately 6:45 p.m.

The fire activated a sprinkler head, which contained the fire until firefighters arrived and were able to extinguish and set up ventilation to clear out the smoke. Firefighters also assisted with removing water on the floor and salvaging other items.

Schumann said it was a great example of how valuable sprinkler systems can be.

ā€œIf it were not for the early warning and activation of the automatic fire sprinkler system, this could easily have been a multimillion dollar loss with a catastrophic impact on the operation of multiple local businesses.”

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