Harrisburg, PA – Sprinkler system limits spread of fire in exhaust stack at industrial facility

A Wednesday last night fire at a Harrisburg industrial site damaged a roof and exhaust stack, but no one was injured as a result of the blaze. That is according to Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Chief Brian Enterline, who said firefighters were called about 9:38 p.m. to the 1300 block of North Cameron Street, where a fire was reported at the Dayton Parts building. According to Enterline, the fire began in an industrial machine and spread up through an exhaust stack to the building’s roof.

Firefighters were able to respond within only a few minutes of the call, and they quickly extinguished the flames, Enterline said, explaining that the exhaust stack was destroyed but damage to the roof was only “superficial.

A sprinkler system also activated and helped to slow the fire as it spread, Enterline said. While fighting the fire, water got into a large tank holding oil typically used to cool hot metal parts at Dayton, Enterline said. The water caused the tanks to overflow and spill oil, he said. However, he added that quick actions by both firefighters and Dayton employees helped to keep the oil from entering the local sewer system or nearby Paxton Creek. “It’s all contained to the building,” Enterline said.

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