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Fire contained by sprinkler system at warehouse (Vacaville, CA)

A packing company was evacuated following a two-alarm fire on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 9. The warehouse’s fire sprinkler helped to control the fire for the seven fire engines and three fire departments that arrived to the scene. No injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers aid firefighters at storage facility (Chatsworth, CA)

A fire in a Chatsworth storage facility today was put out by a sprinkler system, with help from firefighters. Two 6-by-8-foot wooden containers were reported on fire at 2:28 p.m., fire department spokesman Brian Humphrey said. “The containers were stored on tall racks and firefighters used the sprinklers to contain the fire to those crates until they could put it out,” Humphrey said.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler activates to halt storage room fire in chemical supply building (Bristol Township, PA)

A chemical supply company had a fire erupt in it’s storage room the afternoon of July 4. The building, which was closed at the time, had a fire sprinkler system that quickly kicked in to contain the fire to the storage room. Fire crews blamed the fire on a short in the light fixture in the room, which then started the cardboard in the room on fire.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers stop self storage facility fire (Toms River, NJ)

When fire crews arrived to a fire at a self storage facility, they found that the flames had already been extinguished by the building’s fire sprinklers. The cause of the fire was inappropriate disposal of smoking materials.

Bureau of Fire Prevention Director James Mercready said, “A properly designed and maintained fire sprinkler system is an essential component in fire protection in both residential and commercial structures.”Continue Reading »

Warehouse fire limited thanks to fire sprinklers (Somerset, PA)

A fire that broke out in an electronic recycling warehouse caused 30 fire firefighters from four county fire departments to respond. They arrived to find a small fire which was limited due to the warehouse’s fire sprinklers.

“Basically the sprinkler system knocked down the fire,” reported Somerset First Leutenant Bart Close.Continue Reading »