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Fire at rug manufacturer confined by sprinkler system (Anderson, SC)

Firefighters were called to the Orian Rugs plant in Anderson County at about 6:15 AM Wednesday  after a small fire broke out, according to Anderson County Fire Chief Billy Gibson. Gibson said the plant’s sprinkler system was able to confine and help put out the fire, which was in an office near a sample room.  Firefighters believe an electrical short may have sparked the fire.  Orian Rugs is a family-owned manufacturer of rugs and was established in Anderson in 1979.Continue Reading »

Parts manufacturing plant fire controlled by it’s fire sprinkler system (Cookeville, TN)

A fire broke out in a large motor that helps manufacture water heater parts, and the synthetic oil used to cool the motor then caught fire. The heat from the fire activated the plant’s fire sprinkler system, which then contained the fire until fire crews arrived and eliminated the remaining flames.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers make the difference in manufacturing plant fire (Ashland, OR)

Fire sprinklers extinguish fire at manufacturing facility (Conyers, GA)

The Rockdale Fire-Rescue crew responded to a report of a fire near the machinery at a disposable packaging manufacting company. When they arrived, the flames were already completely eliminated by the building’s fire sprinkler, and everyone had been safely evacuated. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.Continue Reading »

Factory fire eliminated thanks to fire sprinklers (West Chicago, IL)

Fire crews arrived to a fire reported at a factory that manufactures circuit boards to find most of the fire put out thanks to the building’s fire sprinklers. 

Fire sprinklers credited with saving manufacturing plant (Lincoln, NE)

A plastics manufacturing plant caught fire when an oven in the building lit up some surrounding plastic. The fire then set off the fire sprinkler system, which contained the fire until firefighters arrived and put out the rest of the flames. Fire crews reported that the manufacturing plant sustained $10,000 worth of damage, but Fire Investigator Chuck Schweitzer reported that the damage could have been much worse if the fire sprinklers had not been present.Continue Reading »