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Sprinklers extinguish fire at fiberglass manufacturing plant (Wapato, WA)

A building sprinkler system quickly extinguished a fire at a fiberglass component manufacturing plant. The fire began in a room where fiberglass and resin are sprayed into molds. The cause of the fire is believed to have been spontaneous combustion from a buildup of fiberglass and resin in a spray booth.Continue Reading »

Fire contained by sprinklers at engineered wood products manufacturer (Medford, OR)

Sparks from a grinding operation started a fire that ignited in two connected sawdust bins at Boise Cascade. “Really the initial knockdown happened with the automatic sprinkler system,” said Arlen Blenkush, District No. 3 battalion chief. The fire was contained to the inside of the bins and did not damage the structure’s exterior.Continue Reading »

A fire at manufacturer plant was contained by the sprinkler system (Sheboygan, WI)

A fire at a stainless steel and aluminum parts and products manufacturer was contained to a dust collector located outside the building, according to the Sheboygan Fire Department. Deputy Chief Charles Butler said the blaze was controlled by the building’s sprinkler system before the fire department arrived.Continue Reading »

Fire controlled by sprinkler system at cedar remanufacture (Langley, BC)

Ember smoldered and ignited some sawdust near a woodworking machine, which lit some nearby wood scraps, and finally set fire to a lift of lumber.  That caused a sprinkler head directly above the blaze to activate.  “The sprinkler system controlled the fire,” assistant fire chief Bruce Ferguson.Continue Reading »