Brattleboro, VT – House fire controlled with help with help from sprinkler system; No injuries

The Brattleboro Fire Department made quick work Friday afternoon in snuffing out an electrical fire at 100 Clark St. Brattleboro Fire Chief Michael Bucossi said the department got the call at 11:55 a.m. “It’s a very tight area,” Bucossi said. Though Clark Street is narrow, Bucossi said that firefighters knew how to get their trucks in, because they’ve responded to fires on Clark Street before. “But it does concern us, especially with the ice and snow that is starting to form here,” he said.

According to a press release issued Friday afternoon, firefighters sent to the building’s basement found a fire spreading to the ceiling. It was quickly extinguished, but firefighters discovered that some of the flames had spread to the space between the ceiling and the first floor. That was also quickly extinguished. Bucossi noted that a sprinkler system above the furnace helped to contain the fire before the department could arrive.

Another concern for firefighters was the proximity of the buildings. “It’s very packed here,” Bucossi said. “There are also some very large buildings.” However, said Bucossi, “Spread was not a concern today.” While the fire was under control pretty quickly, Bucossi said he was having issues communicating with the family that lived in the home. The family is all Chinese speaking. Despite the communications problem, Bucossi learned no one was harmed by the fire. He also believes the house will remain livable.

All of Brattleboro’s units and personnel showed up to the fire while firefighters from Putney and Hinsdale and Chesterfield, N.H., covered Brattleboro’s stations. Green Mountain Power and Rescue Inc. also showed up to assist.