Winnetka, IL – Electrical fire at township office contained by single sprinkler head

The New Trier Township office in Winnetka temporarily closed due to an electrical fire that broke out in a utility room last week.

Winnetka Fire Department personnel responded to an alarm at the building, 739 Elm St., March 28 at 3:46 a.m., according to Chief Alan Berkowsky.

Upon arrival, they discovered smoke coming from the building’s basement and located the fire in a corner of a utility room, Berkowsky noted.

“The fire was contained by a single sprinkler head, which held the fire in check,” Berkowsky said. “Once we powered the (electrical) grid down, we extinguished the fire. If it wasn’t for the sprinkler head and the fire alarm system doing what they were supposed to be doing, I think that building would have had significant fire damage.”

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