Wayne, NJ – Fire sprinklers contain fire in manufacturing area of business

On Sunday morning, March 22, Wayne Fire Companies #1 and #2 were dispatched to Mane USA on Demarest Drive in response to smoke and water flow alarms. Mane USA is a global flavor and fragrance manufacturer with a facility in Wayne.

“When the units entered the building, they encountered a moderate smoke condition,” said Wayne Fire Commissioner Bob Minarick. “At that point fire command requested a second alarm which brought Company #5 to the scene.”

Further investigation found a fire in the manufacturing area that was contained by the sprinkler system. Firefighters extinguished the remaining fire and requested Fire Inspection to the scene.

“The fire was contained to a pallet of supplies and also a commercial storage rack that contained production items,” said Minarick. “After viewing security footage, the fire was deemed accidental. Oil and chemical soaked rags and gloves that were stored in a large closed bucket spontaneously ignited and spread to the pallet and rack before the sprinklers held the fire in check.”

Firefighters overhauled the fire area to make sure that all embedded fire was extinguished. Multiple smoke ejectors and the building’s in-house ventilation system were used to clear smoke from the warehouse.

According to Minarick, five fire engines responded to the call with twenty firefighters. The fire was declared under control in 30 minutes.  All units cleared the scene by 10:30am.

“I’d like to thank the Wane Police Department for providing scene and roadway control,” said Minarick. “Also, thanks to the Wayne First Aid Squad for standing by on scene ready to render assistance should one of my firefighters get injured or need medical treatment,”

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