Washougal, WA – (no media coverage) Single fire sprinkler head extinguishes fire at nail salon, saving building from extensive damage

This strip mall fire occurred in Washougal WA on Monday August 12th. Business owners closed at 6:45 PM, 911 water flow alarm/dispatch came in at 7:15 PM. Camas Washougal Fire Marshals Office stated fire crews arrived to find the fire out and controlled by a single fire sprinkler head activation. The fire was contained to a single massage chair that was blackened just prior to sprinkler head activation. Crews provided smoke evacuation and squeegeed water out the front door before going back in service. The units on each side of the Nails & Spa where the fire occurred, had some minor water damage but with minimal effort by restoration services overnight they were able to open the next day for business. The Spa will require a couple days longer since the fire occurred in their space. Building management services arrived and were grateful they were not having to repair more extensive damages such as roof ventilation or extensive heat and smoke damage that would have occurred without a fire sprinkler system.

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