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Rutland, VT – Sprinklers knock down fire in apartment building for elderly and disabled

Four people were transported to the hospital and ten people are displaced after a multi-unit apartment fire in Rutland Saturday.  Rutland Deputy Fire Chief Jim Miles says the call came in just after 4pm from Bardwell House, a multi-unit apartment building for the elderly and people who are handicapped.Continue Reading »

Springfield, VT – Overnight fire at senior housing building contained to one unit by sprinkler system

Two residents of a senior housing building were taken to Springfield Hospital early Friday morning after a fire broke out in a fourth-floor apartment.

The resident of the fourth floor apartment in the Huber Building who was injured is expected to be okay, according to Bill Morlock, the executive director of the Springfield Housing Authority, which owns the senior housing project.Continue Reading »

Townshend, VT – Sprinklers help control attic fire at assisted living facility

Valley Cares was evacuated Monday evening after a lightning strike caused a fire in the attic of the assisted living facility.

Just after 5 p.m. 39 residents were transported down the road to Leland & Gray Union High School after the fire alarm and sprinkler system alerted staff to the fire in the attic.Continue Reading »

Automatic fire sprinkler system helps minimize damage in apartment fire (Brattleboro, VT)

A fire that originated inside a Western Avenue building early Thursday morning left only one room and part of the roof damaged. The building was totally occupied at the time of the fire, Brattleboro Fire Chief Mike Bucossi said. According to Bucossi, the fire started where the vent pipe furnace comes off the pellet furnace.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers prove worth in college dormitory fire (Burlington, VT)

Fire departments responded to a fire at a college dormitory at about 2:45 a.m. on Thursday. The apartment, which was being renovated, was saved from extensive fire damage by the installed fire sprinkler system. The sprinklers, upon activation from the heat of the fire, then automatically alerted the local emergency response units.… Continue Reading »