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Harris County, TX – (no media coverage) Apartment balcony fire contained by sprinkler system; Assists firefighters with extinguishing blaze

*** FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTED – No Media Coverage *** On Sunday, March 18 at approximately 8:17 am, HCFMO was requested by Cy-Fair Fire Department to assist with an apartment fire. Upon arrival, investigators noted the fire was contained to an exterior balcony because of the activation of one sprinkler head.… Continue Reading »

Cleburne, TX – Fire in apartment at historic building contained to room of origin by sprinkler system

Cleburne firefighters say that an apartment fire in a historic downtown building was limited to the room of origin thanks to the building’s sprinkler system. That said, firefighters also noted that the building’s sprinkler system appears to be “substandard and poorly installed.”

Firefighters responded at 6:43 p.m.Continue Reading »

Atascocita, TX – (No Media Coverage) Apartment fire extinguished by single sprinkler

*** FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTED – No Media Coverage ***
On March 6, HCFMO investigators were requested by Atascociata Fire Department to assist with an apartment fire. Investigators determined a resident tried to move a burning pot of grease outside. When the resident moved the burning pot through the living room, one sprinkler head activated, putting the fire out.… Continue Reading »

Houston, TX – (No Media Coverage) Sprinkler system controls apartment fire caused by unattended incense burning

**NO MEDIA COVERAGE – Fire Department Reported** On Friday 02/23/2018, investigators responded to the Lexington at Champions Apartments in reference to an apartment fire. Tenants left incense burning, unattended, and it caught clothing on the floor on fire. The fire occurred on the 3rd floor of the apartment, in the tenants bedroom.… Continue Reading »