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Providence, RI – Sprinkler system controls fire that started in mixing vat at mill

No one was hurt and no significant damage occurred when a fire broke out in a mixing vat at a Livingston Street mill building, Chief William Kenyon said.  The fire at 35 Livingston St. was confined to the mixing vat in a room where soap products were made, Kenyon said, and appeared to have been started by an inadvertent mix of substances. Continue Reading »

Westerly, RI – Closet fire at high school extinguished with help from sprinkler system

A small fire that started in the closet of a technology room at Westerly High School Tuesday was caused by an electrical malfunction in a piece of audio-visual equipment being stored in the closet.

Westerly Fire Chief John Mackay said Wednesday that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire, adding that the school’s sprinkler system worked effectively and aided firefighters in quickly containing and extinguishing the small closet fire.Continue Reading »

Coventry, RI – Early morning fire at business controlled with help from sprinkler system

Several businesses in Coventry were damaged Wednesday morning after a small fire triggered the emergency sprinkler system. The fire started at about 2:30 a.m. inside a building at 577 Tiogue Ave. The fire scorched an exterior door, but the sprinkler system kept the flames from spreading until fire crews could arrive at the scene.Continue Reading »

Cumberland, RI – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire at business caused by charged batteries

Charged batteries shipped to a company that refurbishes electronic equipment “heated up to ignition temperature” and started a fire in the Cadillac Mills complex Thursday, Cumberland Fire Chief Kenneth A. Finlay said.  The fire, at Aztek Technologies, 30 Meeting St., Cumberland, was extinguished by the building’s sprinkler system before firefighters arrived, Finlay said.Continue Reading »

Providence, RI – Sprinklers activated properly during Brown University locker room fire

During Thursday’s electrical fire in the men’s track and field locker room in the Olney-Margolies Athletic Center, all fire prevention measures functioned properly, said Stephen Maiorisi, vice president of facilities management. Though several of the athletes present at the time of the fire observed that the sprinkler system did not immediately activate, Stephen Morin, director of environmental health and safety, wrote in an email to The Herald that the heat-activated sprinkler heads did respond to the fire.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers aid firefighters in fire at supercenter (Newport, RI)

Fire crews were called to a fire which broke out at a Wal-Mart store shortly after 5:30 p.m. The store’s fire sprinkler system had eliminated the majority of the fire, and occupants were able to evacuate safely. The fire, which began in the paper towel and paper goods area of the store, is under investigation.Continue Reading »

Apartment fire eliminated by fire sprinklers (Cranston, RI)

Fire sprinklers quickly extinguished the fire that broke out on the sixth floor of an apartment building. No injuries were reported. ***Blog Editor’s Note – Please let us know what you think of the coverage by WPRI.com and journalist John Mitchell, who focused on water damage rather than the lives and property saved by the automatic fire sprinkler system.… Continue Reading »

Fire at apartment building extinguished by building’s sprinkler system (East Bay, RI)

A small fire broke out inside an apartment at Franklin Court Independent Living Community at around noon on Friday, prompting “all available manpower” to be called to the scene. By the time firefighters arrived, the building’s sprinkler system had been activated and the fire had been extinguished.Continue Reading »