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Small fire suppressed by sprinklers at retirement facility (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Officials at the center briefly evacuated about 30 residents when a faulty light fixture caught a bathroom on fire. Sprinkler systems were immediately activated, and the fire department was on hand within 10 minutes of the fire being reported.  No injuries were reported and the damage is said to be minimal.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers credited with keeping fire contained at furniture store (Kutztown, PA)

Thanks to the building’s fire sprinklers, a fire that began in a used furniture store was contained to a small area until fire crews arrived, said Chief Troy Arndt of the Kutztown Fire Company. When the firefighters arrived, they found the fire smoldering behind the sales counter, and they put out the rest of the flames.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers control apartment fire above restaurant (Media, PA)

Lower Merion Chief Fire Officer Charles McGarvey said the resident of the apartment had left a pot on the stove then gone out. The sprinkler activated and kept the fire in check until firefighters arrived.”I am convinced if  it had not been for those sprinklers, we’d still be there,”  McGarvey said Wednesday morning.Continue Reading »