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Halifax, NS, Canada – Fire on 26th floor of high rise apartment building controlled by sprinkler system

Fire crews responded to reports of a fire at Fenwick Tower in Halifax on Wednesday. They were called at about 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday after a fire broke out on the 26th floor. Deputy Chief Roy Hollett says the building’s sprinkler system controlled the fire, and firefighters were able to put it out completely.Continue Reading »

Halifax, NS, Canada – Suspicious fire in common area of 12-story apartment building extinguished by sprinkler system

Police are investigating two suspicious fires in just 10 days in a common room of a Dartmouth apartment building. The first fire was reported on March 18 at 5:37 p.m. A Halifax Regional Police news release says someone lit something on fire in the common room at Alderney Manor on Alderney Drive.Continue Reading »

Halifax, NS, Canada – Shopping center fire extinguished by sprinkler system; Fire spread limited

Firefighters responded to a store fire in the Halifax Shopping Centre last Tuesday evening. Ben Moss Jewellers suffered both smoke and fire damage, as well as problems due to the water from the sprinklers the blaze set off.

“We received a call about an alarm at the centre at 10 p.m.Continue Reading »

Halifax, NS, Canada – Apartment kitchen fire extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

A third-floor apartment kitchen fire during noon hour left a building at 334 Parkland Dr. was extinguished by the building’s sprinkler system. Four apparatuses and 12 firefighters responded to the blaze.  The call came in at 12:54 p.m. last Wednesday, and firefighters were there shortly thereafter, Blackburn said.Continue Reading »

North Sydney, NS, Canada – Hospital laundry fire contained with help from sprinkler system

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says a small fire overnight in the laundry room of the Northside General Hospital in North Sydney caused only minor damage. The fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of linen, according to the Nova Scotia Health Authority.Continue Reading »

Halifax, NS, Canada – No one injured after sprinklers activate in fire on seventh floor of mental hospital

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says it could take weeks to rebuild two floors damaged after a small fire at the Abbie J. Lane building of the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

The fire started at around 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday in a patient’s room, said Everton McLean, a spokesperson for the health authority. Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system controlled fire at waste management building (Kentville, NS)

Kentville firefighters responded to a report of a fire in the Valley Waste Resource main depot on the Donald E. Hiltz Connector Road. Firefighters received the alarm around 3:30 a.m. On their arrival, they found a small pile of debris, left over from the previous day, had caught fire.Continue Reading »