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Sprinkler prevents fire from spreading in middle school (Mooresville, IN)

After firefighters fought an intentionally-set blaze at Mooresville’s Paul Hadley Middle School, school surveillance video helped investigators nab a suspect.  Dispatchers received a fire alarm call just before 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. When crews arrived and made access to the building, they discovered smoke in a hallway.  In a release, a fire department spokesman says the fire was prevented from spreading by an activated sprinkler head.Continue Reading »

Residential sprinkler system extinguishes late night apartment fire (Normal, IL)

A late night kitchen fire in an apartment was suppressed by a residential sprinkler activation, which allowed the occupant to escape and prevented significant damage to the building, firefighters said Wednesday.  A single sprinkler head had activated and extinguished all but a small fire under the kitchen cabinets, which was quickly extinguished with a handheld pump can.Continue Reading »