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Garbage chute fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Windsor, ON)

Windsor firefighters were kept busy across the city after two unrelated fires broke out around the same time after 11pm, Monday evening …

In the second incident, firefighters were called to 810 Ouellette for reports of smoke in the building.
Firefighters investigated smoke in the building’s garbage chute and it appears as though the fire was successfully extinguished by a sprinkler.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers save two area business (Redmond, WA)

In a 24 hour period, two fires in Redmond, Washington were controlled by a single fire sprinkler in each of these buildings.

The first fire occurred overnight at an occupied commercial building. The fire was confined to one room in the building, centered by a few blower fans thanks to the building’s fire sprinklers, and the business was able to continue business within a couple hours of the fire.Continue Reading »