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Fire sprinklers keep fire at university from spreading (Manchester, NH)

Fire sprinklers suppressed a fire which began under an aquarium in one of the offices at the University of Southern New Hampshire. Deputy Fire Chief Mark Pelletier said the sprinkler system activated in the office, which kept the flames from spreading to other areas of the building, including the college’s main computer server located across the hall.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers prove worth in restaurant fire (Portsmouth, NH)

According to fire crews, a fire that started in the Chinese restaurant Water Margin could have been much worse had fire sprinklers not been present. Further praising the sprinkler system, Incident commander Glenn Bowyer said, “What was good was the sprinklers, they helped control the fire and minimized damage.” The building was evacuated during the fire, and no injuries were reported.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler System Controlled Chemical Fire (Portsmouth, NH)

Because sprinklers and alarms worked as designed, Achilles said, the fire serves as a good reminder of the importance of fire prevention devices. He said if the rags had ignited in the same location 20 or 30 years ago, when fire codes did not require sprinklers and alarms, “it could have gone to two or three alarms.”Continue Reading »