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Billings, MT – Sprinkler system assists firefighters in controlling apartment fire

An apartment fire Tuesday night above two Billings restaurants forced customers temporarily into the street while firefighters responded to the incident. The fire burned in a second floor unit of the Acme Hotel Apartments building above Hooligan’s Sports Bar and set off sprinklers in the apartment and fire alarms in the building.  Continue Reading »

Livingston, MT – Arson fire at printing press extinguished by sprinkler system

Someone broke into The Livingston Enterprise very early Saturday morning and set fire to part of the printing press, causing substantial damage.  After the fire was discovered around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Livingston police detained a 17-year-old juvenile male on the scene and subsequently arrested him on charges of burglary and arson.Continue Reading »

Helena, MT – Afternoon fire at middle school extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries

There will be no classes at C.R. Anderson Middle School on Tuesday due to a fire that caused damage on Monday. According to a press release from Helena Public Schools, the fire was reported at 2:59 p.m.  There were no students in the building at the time, and there were no reported injuries. Continue Reading »

Bozeman, MT – Electrical equipment fire at Target store held in check by sprinkler system

Target had an unexpected mid-day closure yesterday afternoon, after a small fire started from malfunctioning electrical equipment. An electrical problem, also affecting other stores in the area, may have occurred as a result of the Baxter Lane rollover.  There were no injuries and the sprinkler system clicked on immediately.Continue Reading »

Butte, MT – Sprinkler system praised for minimizing fire damage at off-campus housing

A sprinkler activation system successfully limited the damage after an early-morning house fire broke out at off-campus Montana Tech student housing at 1038 Missoula Ave. on Friday.

At 5:42 a.m. Friday, firefighters quickly extinguished the fire in apartment 1032 and kept it from spreading to the interior of the apartment and adjoining apartments.Continue Reading »

Missoula, MT – Sprinkler system activates to help prevent dumpster fire from spreading into shopping mall

Witnesses say thick smoke was billowing into the Southgate Mall late Friday evening as emergency crews responded to a fire outside the shopping center. 

Billings, MT – Fire in storage room of university gymnasium extinguished by sprinkler system

Billing firefighters responded to a fire in a storage room at Montana State University Billings’ Alterowitz Gym, 1500 University Drive, on Thursday evening.  The fire was contained to physical education equipment and the storage room sustained smoke damage, said Deputy Fire Marshal Trever Schilling.Continue Reading »