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Sprinklers controlled kitchen fire at residential and commercial building (Iowa City, IA)

The main body of the fire, contained to the underside of a kitchen counter, was controlled by the sprinkler system. The rest of the fire was extinguished within 15 minutes.  Though occupants were evacuated as a result of the fire, the release said there were no injuries and the fire did not leave the commercial portion of the building.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers control school fire (Des Moines, IA)

A fire that broke out in a high school art room was suppressed by the building’s fire sprinkler system. According to Pleasant Hill Fire Department Chief Reylon Meeks, the fire was mostly extinguished before before fire crews arrived. Associate Superintendent Joe Horton said of the fire sprinkler system, “The upside is no kids, nobody in the building, nobody got hurt.Continue Reading »