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Arson fire at medical center contained by sprinkler system (Englewood, CO)

An arrest was made in Englewood Friday afternoon in connection to an arson started by a burning Molotov cocktail. Police say the suspect threw the Molotov cocktail, through a window at 125 East Hampden Avenue around noon Friday. The building – which houses a Health One rehabilitation facility – has a full fire sprinkler system which contained the fire.Continue Reading »

Townhouse arson attempt prevented by sprinkler system (Seattle, WA)

Two small fires set by arsonist controled by sprinkler system (Palmetto, GA)

A Palmetto man has been arrested for setting two small fires at the Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center overnight, police said. Police said the fires appear to have been started with some sort of ignitable liquid, and an unidentified liquid also had been poured on several desks in the office area.Continue Reading »