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Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Sprinkler system activated for fire at commercial building; No injuries reported

The fire Sunday in the 400-block Wellman Crescent was deemed accidental based on the investigation done by the Saskatoon Fire Department.

The fire investigator concluded the cause of the fire was accidental due to the internal heating of oil-soaked rags used for staining which ignited.

Construction materials that were also near the area of the oil-soaked rags also caught fire but the sprinkler system kept the fire small on the second floor of the commercial structure.

No civilians or firefighters were reportedly injured as a result of the fire, which had estimated damage of $10,000.

On Sunday, at 5:14 p.m. on Sept. 11, the SFD received a call from the alarm monitoring company that indicated a structure fire in the 400 block of Wellman Crescent

One fire engine was dispatched to investigate what might have triggered the alarm from the property.

Arriving fire crews indicated the fire alarm was ringing and water was flowing from the automatic sprinkler system on the second floor.

After further investigation, it was identified that there was smoke visible on the second floor and two more fire engines, a ladder truck, a rescue unit and the Battalion Chief were dispatched.

The fire was reported extinguished at 5:41 p.m. as the sprinkler system helped minimize the damage.

Yuma, AZ – Sprinkler system activated for fire at J.C. Penney store; No injuries reported

The Yuma Fire Department (YFD) says a J.C. Penney store caught fire, damaging a storage room but was extinguished by its sprinkler system.

After 4 p.m. on September 1, an alarm went off at a J.C. Penny on Yuma Palms Parkway.

Upon arrival, firefighters saw the building being evacuated and smoke coming from a shoe department storage room.

The sprinkler system extinguished the fire and no injuries were reported, according to YFD.

Fire damage was contained within the storage room and water damage was seen in other parts of the building.

YFD says the store was closed but will reopen after clean-up and repairs are done.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Colorado Springs, CO – Sprinkler system activated for fire at hotel; No injuries reported

Monday, September 5th, the Colorado Springs Fire Department responded to a fire at Intown Suites located off I-25 at 6210 Corporate Dr.

The fire was called in at approximately 12:00 PM and CSFD responded with a limited amount of units to the scene.

CSFD was able to get the fire under control and quickly put it out due to the building’s sprinkler system keeping the fire in check until firefighters got there.

There were no injuries reported and the reason for the fire is still being investigated at this time.

St. George, UT – Sprinkler system activated for kitchen fire at apartment complex

A fire at an apartment complex that firefighters say could have displaced dozens of Cedar City residents was extinguished by an activated sprinkler system.

At approximately 12:56 p.m. on Aug. 20, the Cedar City Fire Department received a call involving a kitchen fire at an apartment complex located at 163 N. 300 W. in Cedar City, according to a press release issued by the city.

Upon arrival, no flames or smoke were visible from the exterior; however, water was spraying out of the unit due to an activated sprinkler system.

Cedar City Fire Department responded with on battalion chief, one engine and one squad unit with a total of seven firefighters. When investigating, firefighters found a cooking fire had started on the stove but was extinguished by an activated sprinkler system that suppressed the flames. Firefighters credit the sprinkler system for saving dozens of lives and preserving multiple apartment units, the release states.

“This type of fire could have easily spread to nearby units, displacing tenants and damaging not only this apartment unit but neighboring ones as well,” firefighter Chad Barnes said in the news release. “We are thankful this building had a working sprinkler system that meets code requirements because it ultimately saved lives and property.”

Firefighters returned to the property a few days later and the water salvage was nearly complete with tenants moving back in and resuming normal operations.

The fire department encourages all business and property owners to explore installing sprinkler systems, especially if the building is older and initially was not required to do so according to older code. Cost is usually the main factor that causes hesitation in property owners, but the long-term benefit outweighs the up-front cost should a property ever experience a fire.

“Recovering from an unexpected fire or disaster is always the hardest part of resuming normal operations,” Fire Chief Mike Phillips said. “As seen with this apartment fire, do what you can now to prepare for an unfortunate event and your business or property will be able to recover quicker.”

Syracuse, NY – Sprinkler system activated for 5th floor apartment fire

Syracuse Firefighters extinguished a kitchen fire on the fifth floor of Vinette Towers Saturday afternoon.

Crews responded to the 947 Pond Street Apartment building around 3:39 pm after a 911 caller reported a very strong odor in the building. Firefighters arrived in less than 3 minutes and saw smoke coming out of a window on the 5th floor. Crews made their way to the fifth-floor apartment with a hose line and extinguished the fire.

Firefighters determined the fire started on a kitchen stove. A heat-activated sprinkler system kept the fire from spreading into any other apartments. No victims were found, but one apartment resident was displaced.

This is the second major fire reported at Vinette Towers this summer. In July, 10 apartments were left uninhabitable after homemade fireworks exploded on the 6th floor of the apartment building.

The cause of the stove fire is under investigation. The Syracuse Housing Authority, National Grid, Syracuse Police, the Red Cross, and AMR all assisted the Syracuse Fire department in their response.

Streamwood, IL – Sprinkler system activated for fire in basement of home

A fire that started in the basement of an unoccupied Streamwood home Saturday didn’t cause serious damage thanks to the sprinkler system, officials said.

Streamwood fire crews responded to the home on Moraine Court around 5 p.m. but found only light smoke coming from a basement window, according to a news release.

Officials said the fire was extinguished by the automatic sprinkler system so the damage to the home was minimal. Upon inspection, officials determined the fire had been started by a lithium battery pack that malfunctioned while being charged, the release said.

The village of Streamwood has required fire sprinklers installed in all new homes since 2002.

Idaho Falls, ID – Sprinkler system activated for fire at hotel; No injuries reported

The Idaho Falls Fire Department is on scene of a fire at the Hilton Garden Inn at 700 Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls.

The department says the call came in at 4:47 p.m. stating there was a fire on the 4th floor. Officials say the fire is out now.

The sprinkler system activate and hotel guests were evacuated.

The fire was contained to one room. Firefighters are clearing the smoke out and checking rooms to make sure there was no extension of the fire.

There have been no injuries reported.

Steinbach, MB, Canada – Sprinkler system activated for fire at window manufacturer; No injuries reported

There were no injuries from a fire Wednesday afternoon at Loewen in Steinbach.

The Steinbach Fire Department was called to the window manufacturer at approximately 2:30 pm. By then, the building was evacuated.

“Usually if we are getting a call at Loewen there is potential for a large fire,” says Fire Chief Kel Toews. 

Toews says when they arrived on scene they determined the fire was coming from within a wood hopper. 

“It was quickly extinguished,” he notes. “Fire damage was contained basically to that room.”

Toews notes the fire set off the sprinkler system and as a result there is water damage in the room below.

Jon Sawatzky is Director of Product and Marketing at Loewen. He says they are still waiting to hear the official cause of the fire and the extent of damage. But, he says damage appears minimal.

“Our staff did an incredible job of following protocol, which helped to keep everyone safe and we’re already back in operation, we’re thrilled and relieved to say that nobody was hurt,” said Sawatzky on Wednesday shortly after 4 pm.

“We also want to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the Steinbach Fire Department, Southern Health Emergency Medical Services, and the RCMP for the quick response in keeping us safe,” adds Sawatzky.

Rockford, IL – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire at high rise apartment building; No injuries reported

The Rockford Fire Department says no one was hurt after a fire in a high-rise apartment building in downtown Rockford Friday.

RFD says firefighters were first called to the Olesen Plaza apartments in the 500 block of N. Church St. at around 4:40 p.m. Friday for the smell of smoke and alarms going off on the third floor of the building.

As first responders were on their way to the scene, people on the third floor noticed water coming from under the door of the apartment where the fire had happened.

As crews got to the scene, they found moderate smoke coming from the window of the third-story apartment. As they got inside, firefighters found a small dire that had been put out by the building’s sprinkler system.

The person living in that apartment was not present at the time of the fire. No residents, pets, or firefighters were hurt during the fire and following evacuation.

Fire crews worked with members of the Rockford Housing Authority, which owns Olesen Plaza, to clear out the smoke and to drain the water after the sprinkler system was shut down.

RFD officials say the fire was caused accidentally by “careless smoking.” Investigators estimate the damage caused by the fire at $65,000.

Olesen Plaza is 14 stories tall and houses around 140 people, according to the Rockford Fire Department.

Ipswich, MA – Sprinkler system activated for car fire at car museum

A close call for the owner of some classic cars in Ipswich after a fire broke out at a storage facility.

Police credit a working sprinkler system with stopping a small fire that started in a Lamborghini from getting much larger and spreading to other cars in the facility, including the one parked right next to it, a 1954 “mint” condition Cadillac.

The alarm came in on Saturday at around noon for firefighters to respond to Clam Town Classics on Old Right Road.

“On arrival, they found heavy smoke coming from a unit housing a number of classic cars,” according to a post from Ipswich Public Safety.

“The source of the smoke was a 1972 Lamborghini, where a fire had started under the hood,” according to investigators. “Heat from the blaze had activated three sprinkler heads above the car, containing the fire to its point of origin.”

Chief Paul Parisi credited crews with “quick and decisive work” and said the sprinkler system prevented what could have been a massive and very costly fire.  The mint-condition Cadillac was not damaged.

“Usually you only have one or two sprinkler heads activated. The fact that three sprinkler heads went off tells you just how much heat there was, yet the fire was contained only to the engine compartment,” Chief Parisi said. “The sprinkler system did just what it’s designed to do. Without it, the property loss would have been much more significant.”

The chief said the sprinklers saved hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property.

“As a business owner watching the bottom line, I didn’t care too much for sprinklers.”  said the owner of Clam Town Classics, George Delaney. “Now I’ve done a 180. After seeing the difference they make, I’m a big fan.”