Salt Lake City, UT – Sprinkler system helps contain fire at commercial business

A fire broke out at the International Center late Friday night located at 5281 Harold Gatty Drive on Friday night.

The commercial building was said to contain a large number of paper products, according to Salt Lake City Fire Department. Firefighters first responded to the location due to a water flow alarm going off but when they arrived they saw a fire broke out. The sprinkler system helped contain the flames before crews arrived.

“In a large industrial area like this, it’s not common for us to get a fire and get a quick notice on it,” Adam Archuleta with Salt Lake City Fire told 2News. “If you do hear alarms activated or you do see strobe lights on buildings, that’s usually an indication there has been an alarm drop, so that would be helpful to notify us so we can investigate that.”

The building was reported to be empty at the time of the fire.

Investigators are currently determining the cause of the fire.

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