Richfield, WI – Fire at Cabela’s extinguished by sprinkler system

Firefighters on Thursday night, Feb. 21 responded to the scene of a fire at Cabela’s in the Village of Richfield. The call came in around 11:15 p.m.

Officials say the fire originated in an arcade game on the second floor — and was extinguished by the sprinkler system. The fire appeared to be electrical.

It was estimated by fire personnel that approximately 3,000 gallons of water was expelled from the sprinkler system.

The incident remains under investigation, and no one was injured as a result the fire.

One thought on “Richfield, WI – Fire at Cabela’s extinguished by sprinkler system”

  1. A typical sprinkler discharges MAYBE 25 gallons per minute. Often it is closer to 20. Most fires of this nature are controlled with a single sprinkler. Do the math. at 25 GPM, that sprinkler would have had to flow for TWO HOURS to discharge 3,000 gallons.

    The sprinkler EXTINGUISHED a fire. It also kept the fire from growing and spreading, as all unchecked fires do. Stop reporting the nonsensical water damage. A good thing happened here. Stop reporting it as something else.

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