Apartment kitchen fire extinguished by sprinkler system (Decatur, IL)

Food left cooking on a stove resulted in a small apartment fire. “It was a small fire,” Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Abbott said, “and the sprinkler system (in the apartment) had extinguished it by the time we got there. All we had to do was turn off the sprinkler system valve and ventilate the apartment.Continue Reading »

A fire at manufacturer plant was contained by the sprinkler system (Sheboygan, WI)

A fire at a stainless steel and aluminum parts and products manufacturer was contained to a dust collector located outside the building, according to the Sheboygan Fire Department. Deputy Chief Charles Butler said the blaze was controlled by the building’s sprinkler system before the fire department arrived.Continue Reading »

Reporting on lives and property saved by fire sprinklers

Total Saves: 3,826

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