Fire sprinklers limit damage at restaurant (Berkeley, CA)

A fire that began in the downstairs dining room of a restaurant was largely eliminated due to the the restaurant’s fire sprinklers. Interim Berkeley Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb confirmed the fire sprinkler systems value when he said, “Had it not been for that single sprinkler, we probably would have had a significantly greater amount of damage.”Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers limit fire damage at apartment building (Madison, WI)

A late night fire that began in the garage of an apartment building was quickly contained by two sprinkler heads located within a few feet of the car in which the fire began. According to Madison Fire Department spokesman Eric Dahl, “This contained the fire and kept it from spreading until firefighters arrived to finish extinguishing the fire.”
No injuries were reported, and once conditions were safe, all of the residents were allowed to return to their appartments.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system extinguishes apartment fire (Asheville, NC)

Crews arrived on the scene of the apartment complex and reported that a mattress, which had been on fire, was now extinguished thanks to the activation of the sprinkler system. The apparent accidental fire originated in the bedroom at the mattress and was also extinguished in the same location minimizing any further smoke or fire damage.Continue Reading »

Reporting on lives and property saved by fire sprinklers

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