Fire sprinkler system helps fire crews eliminate commercial fire (Gainesville, GA)

A bale of scrap plastic was the start of an evening fire that broke out in a commercial building. Fire sprinklers, however, were able to contain the flames until firefighters arrived. Fire crews used heavy equipment to remove materials to ensure the fire was out and investigators are determining what started the fire.Continue Reading »

YMCA fire contained by fire sprinkler system (Longview, OR)

Fire crews who responded to a fire in the sauna of a YMCA found the flames mostly doused by one of the building’s fire sprinklers.  The fire began due to a rubber mat being placed over the sauna’s heater in the women’s locker room, and thanks to the sprinkler system, fire damage was limited to that area, and no one was reported injured.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system helped college students evacuate from resident hall fire (Philadelphia, PA)

205 students and 5 RAs of Race Street Hall were evacuated from the building around 1:30 a.m. due to a fire on the sixth floor. It is unclear at this time what caused the fire. Heasley and Subir Sahu, assistant dean of Residential Living, wrote in an email to campus residents, “A fire occurred in Race Street Hall, causing fire sprinkler systems to activate.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers limit damage at restaurant (Berkeley, CA)

A fire that began in the downstairs dining room of a restaurant was largely eliminated due to the the restaurant’s fire sprinklers. Interim Berkeley Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb confirmed the fire sprinkler systems value when he said, “Had it not been for that single sprinkler, we probably would have had a significantly greater amount of damage.”Continue Reading »

Reporting on lives and property saved by fire sprinklers

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