Katy, TX – (No Media Coverage) Electrical fire at restaurant extinguished by sprinkler system

*** FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTED *** On Saturday 11/11/2018, the Fort Bend County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to a fire in a business at the request of Willowfork FD.   They were dispatched to a fire alarm at the Babaloo Bar & Grill which is one of several business in a building covered by a common suppression system.   Upon arrival the business was closed and the water flow alarm was sounding. Upon further investigation they found water exiting the back door of the business.  They forced entry, removed the smoke and found a sprinkler activation consisting of one head in an office area that was located almost directly above the remains of a small fire.  The fire was a result of an electrical failure of charging devices that were plugged into several multi-plug power strips located on the floor. The fire spread to a large framed painting on the wall.  The sprinkler activation completely extinguished the fire and limited the fire damage to the original items ignited and the painting.

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